Bethany Care Society

COVID-19 Vaccination Policy Statement: All current and future Bethany employees, volunteers, practicum students (and their instructors and/or preceptors), and contracted agency personnel must have a minimum of 2 doses of a Health Canada approved COVID-19 vaccines, and be able to provide proof and/or compliance to this policy, to volunteer/work at Bethany Care Society as of October 31, 2021.

To apply, please select the Bethany site you are interested in volunteering at (listed in the left hand pane) and then click the "Fill in an application" button.

Volunteering at Bethany

Your commitment is valuable

We recognize and appreciate that the dedication, commitment, caring, and enthusiasm of our volunteers contributes significantly to achieving our mission of Creating Caring Communities. In fact, we were founded by volunteers in 1945 and our tradition of volunteering remains at the heart of our community today. The gifts of time and talents that volunteers bring are valued and cherished by the residents, clients, their families, and our employees. Want to know more about becoming one of our volunteers? We’d love to hear from you. There are Bethany sites in communities across southern and central Alberta that provide volunteer opportunities.

The sites are listed on the left. Please note that there are three Calgary sites; Bethany Calgary, Bethany Harvest Hills and Bethany Riverview.  

As a volunteer you will receive:

  • Opportunities to make a difference
  • Recognition
  • Training
  • Flexible hours
  • Career exploration
  • Ongoing coaching and support
  • Leadership development opportunities
  • References



Creating Caring Communities through:

  • Inspiring Leadership
  • Responsive Services
  • Innovative Programs
  • Exceptional People
  • Life Affirming Relationships