Volunteer Leduc

Welcome to Volunteer Leduc Better Impact! 

Volunteer Leduc connects willing volunteers with the organizations that need them.

There are so many different areas in our community that have volunteer opportunities! 

Find your passion through our City of Leduc Partners, take time to browse the opportunities that our Partners have active within the community.

Find what speaks to you and fill in an application to one or all!

***If Assistance is needed in getting started with Better Impact - Please use the User Guide Link ***

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The 4 key principles of carrying out our Mission:

Tell Our Story

Volunteer Leduc aims to become the face of volunteerism in the community, engaging with our citizens and increasing awareness of volunteer opportunities. Social media campaigns and community engagement are key to getting our message out: Every person counts.

Create the Connection

Fostering volunteerism is about connecting people to what matters to them. We act as the liaison, matching people with the right resources and organizations, and informing them about ways that they can be involved.

Build the Capacity

Once the connection is established, nurturing the relationship is paramount. Capitalizing on our key values of teamwork, service and respect, we aim to build a relationship of trust between volunteers and organizations. We use workshops and regular engagement to equip our volunteers with new skills and build capacity.

Activate and Empower

We believe that empowering people is about giving them the tools to realize their own potential. Through relationship-building, educational initiatives and volunteer recognition programs, we support our volunteers and organizations as they work towards mutual goals.