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Volunteering can be highly rewarding, fun and suitable for all ages and backgrounds. The many benefits include: meeting people, making new friends, making a difference in your community, learning new skills, helping others and improving workplace experiences.

There are many different volunteering opportunities available with community organisations and groups. 

Hume Volunteer Gateway makes it easier for you to find a volunteering opportunity that suits your interests, motivation, availability and location.

 How it works

1. Use the searches options on the left side of this page to browse and view the many volunteering opportunities available in the community.

2. Interested in one of the volunteering opportunities? You can apply directly to the community organisation by clicking 'Fill in an application' online and they will contact you to discuss your interest further.


Featured community volunteering opportunities:

  • Volunteering Victoria information - COVID-19 register to Volunteer - Volunteering can provide crucial support to people in the community who are impacted by an emergency. Volunteers can register their interest to volunteer and organisations can also register their need for volunteer assistance on Volunteering Victoria's website.  You can read more about how to volunteer during the COVID-19 emergency by clicking the Volunteering Victoria's website (External link) for more information: weVolunteer: Emergency Volunteering - Volunteering Victoria (external website)

Have you been helping your elderly neighbour with groceries and supplies during COVID-19? Are you trying to start a volunteer group to help out with your community? This video is for you.

A guide for volunteers (informal volunteering):


COVID-19 Important Links:

 DHHS - COVID-19 Information and Updates (External link)

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