Action for Children


* Fundraising - England North

Our Vision

By being a fundraising volunteer for Action for Children in the North of England, you help us make a real difference to children and their families across the region.

By placing counter collection boxes or helping at an event collection you help us raise awareness and money.

By helping with administration or making Christmas or Action for Children Sunday Calls you help our team stay in touch with our local supporters and discover new ones.

By helping at events you cheer our supporters on to raise even more funds and make our events possible.

Thank You for helping us to do what's right, do what's needed & do what works for children.

General Interests

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* Merseyside Junior Mentoring

Our vision

Junior Mentoring In Action

We work across Merseyside, focussing on children aged 5-11 years. They are experiencing difficulties which may be having a negative impact on their learning, confidence and social skills.

The programme provides a solution focused approach to support a child to develop their inner resources and strengths. Building their self-esteem, and finding positive alternatives to their challenging behaviour that could otherwise result in them not reaching their full potential.

Tailored Support

We provide a tailored one-to-one mentoring package with a carefully screened, trained and supervised adult volunteers from within the community.

Volunteers are trained in using a solution focused approach to working with children, they cover safeguarding children, lone working and solution focused approach to working with children, before they are matched to a child. Safeguarding is paramount throughout our work.


Proven Outcomes


The benefit of the mentoring service affects the individual child, their family life, their school academic life, the relationships with their friends and the life of the volunteer mentor.



Volunteer Opportunities



Be rewarded and have new experiences, volunteer with us as an Mentor.

Can you:

  • Work on a one to one basis with a primary school child aged 5-11yrs for a full year.
  • Meet the child every week, outside of school hours or at weekends for 2 hours+. 
  • Offer problem free time away from their issues, motivational support and guidance
  • Engage with the child in recreational/educational and interesting activities to open the child to new experiences to achieve their set goals. 
  • To challenge negative behaviour and to participate in whole group activities with other mentees and their mentors.

 What you can expect

  • Participate in school meetings to set goals and targets for the mentoring year.
  • Provide emotional and practical support to the child. Giving them good sound appropriate advice.
  • Selecting your weekly activities with the child, working within your set budget.
  • Complete plans for each session you have together and email them to your volunteer coordinator on a weekly basis.
  • Speak with the parent/carer when dropping child back home, focusing upon the positives of the child’s behaviour, so the child can hear good things being said about them.
  • Feedback any concerns you may have about the wellbeing of the child to your volunteer coordinator or project manager asap.
  • Attend monthly supervision sessions with your volunteer coordinator
  • Participate in Mentor Forums or any other Mentor group activity.
  • Attend our fantastic Graduation Ceremony with your partner/family member, the child and their family, the child’s school teacher to celebrate the ending of your wonderful year together.

What we can offer:

  • Gaining valuable social care experience, working with children and their families 
  • Wonderful opportunity and very beneficial for students or people looking to study and work in the social care sector.
  • Learning about how best to support children living in difficult situations, whilst being fully supported in your practice.
  • Improving your employability skills for future employment
  • Improving your confidence to work with children and their families
  • Being actively involved in your local community
  • Meeting new people, making new friends
  • Gaining a sense of pride and self-worth and feeling good about just 'giving something back'

Action for Children does what’s right, does what’s needed and does what’s works.

Family Support Volunteer

Family Support Worker

Be rewarded and have new experiences, volunteer with us a Family Support Worker



Key Skills: 

  • a welcoming, friendly manner and a good sense of humour
  • a non-judgemental and supportive approach
  • an understanding of confidentiality
  • an ability to be flexible and work as part of a team
  • good communication skills
  • knowledge on importance of safeguarding the families we support


What you can expect: 


Action for Children’s Volunteer Family Support Workers are part of a voluntary service that will offer an intensive level of parenting and family support to help make positive changes to family life. By working with the whole family, we are committed to improving the quality of relationships between parents/carers and their children and also the wider family.

Volunteer Family Support Workers can provide practical and emotional support in a range of settings where families feel comfortable and safe, for example, Children’s Centres, Schools, Health Centres as well as their own homes.

You will get opportunities to build effective working relationships with service users of all ages and support them in building their resilience and improving their emotional wellbeing. We’re looking for volunteers who would like to support children, young people and families through direct work. This may include supporting with ‘clean-up, behaviour management support, routines & boundaries, attendance at medical appointments, accessing activities in the local area or attending appointments. Our volunteers can use their own skills in engaging service users in activities through various mediums such as sport, cooking, arts and therapeutic play.   

We work with families at the times they may need that extra support; this may involve working outside of normal working hours.


What training you receive:

As an Action for Children volunteer you will receive a full induction into the work we do and our values.

For this particular role you will be given training in the following areas: 

  • Safeguarding
  • Solution Focused Approach
  • Communication Skills
  • Health & Safety
  • Equality & Diversity


What we can offer: 

  • gaining an insight in to caring and supporting children, young people and families
  • learning new skills and knowledge
  • improving your CV and employability
  • making a real contribution to supporting children & families within the local community
  • experience to go onto further education or careers working with children, young people and families.  


Action for Children does what’s right, does what’s needed and does what’s works. 

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* Wirral Counselling services

Our Vision

We are Action for Children Wirral Counselling Service, working in partnership with Wirral schools. We will listen to your thoughts and feelings and help you to express and explore them.


You decide what to say and do – no problem is too big or small. We are here for you.


When you experience strong and powerful feelings it can affect your emotional well-being. Early intervention can help to reduce stress and anxiety. It is then possible for you to learn new coping skills, increase your confidence and feel more positive about your life.



Placement Opportunities

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