The Air Ambulance Service


Volunteer Project Opportunities


We have a number of project opportunities at The Air Ambulance Service which we are looking for highly skilled people to help us with.  We realise that many people are going through difficult times at the moment and may find themselves with extra time on their hands.  Can we help you by asking you to help us?  Enhance your CV while giving valuable support to our service which is not funded by the government and provides life-saving services at no cost to the NHS.  


Volunteer Buyer/ Stock Management Business Development Advisor

We currently have 56 retail shops across the country ranging from discount stores, through to our flagship superstores selling donated products from our loyal supporters and customers. To support the donated stock, we buy in new goods to offer customers a full product range and to help raise vital income. We are looking for someone with experience in buying and selecting product ranges for retail high street stores and online platforms to support our small team on the overall process management of these products from purchase through to shop floor. There is great potential in this area of our business and a perfect time to review this current offering to ensure the model works for 2021 and onwards. 


We need people who:

  • Are experienced in buying and ranging of merchandise

  • Have good supplier management skills

  • Are up to date with current market trends

  • Can analyse our current process and suggest improvements we could make

  • Understand stock management and shrinkage protection



This role would be based at our Daventry office but you could also support us remotely from home if you live further away.

Volunteer Warehouse Optimisation Advisor

Our warehouse space in Daventry houses our Online Sales, New Goods, Clothing Bank Stock, Asset Recovery Department and some office space! These are some of the fastest growing areas of the charity so it really has to work hard for us.  We need someone to help us make the most of the space we have, make efficiencies and help us get the best out of what we have.  Can you help us?


We are looking for someone:

  • With logistics experience


  • Who has worked or is currently working in warehousing and distribution

  • Has a good understanding of Health and Safety requirements


  • Who understands workflow management and can help us to maximise space and make improvements.



This role would be based at our Daventry Warehouse and working with our Head of Reuse. The amount of time you can volunteer for is very flexible but we would ideally be looking for someone who can give a minimum of 10 hours per month.

Volunteer Stock Logistics Analyst

Our charity receives a huge volume of donated goods, but we also move a lot of stock around the business to support stores with lower intakes.  We are looking for someone to analyse our data and processes and help us to become more efficient and streamlined in our approach with the goal of becoming both more cost effective and reducing our carbon footprint. 

If you have experience in logistics or supply chains and are looking for a new challenge and opportunity to use your skills to support a charity then you might be able to help us.

Ideally we need a volunteer who:

  • Is familiar with supply chain processes


  • Can analyse large amounts of data and suggest improvements


  • Can communicate effectively with people across the business



For this role you could be based anywhere and support us remotely. It would help if you are able to visit our Daventry Warehouse and some of our shops to see our current processes in person but you wouldn’t necessarily need to travel regularly

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