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YWCA OKC Domestic Violence Services

Welcome to YWCA Oklahoma City's Domestic Violence Services page! We are so excited to work alongside you, serving our community, and look forward to getting to know you through our onboarding process!

Volunteers are critical to being able to meet the need in our community. Your donation of time and talent ensure that every person who needs YWCA OKC's help will receive the best care. 

Eliminating Racism, Empowering Women

Providing care and hope to victims of domestic violence, sexual assault, and stalking in central Oklahoma.

Volunteer Opportunities

Court Advocacy Volunteer

At the YWCA Oklahoma City, our survivors of domestic violence, sexual assault, stalking, and harassment will seek assistance in gathering legal information and crisis intervention. If you seek to expand your skills within the social services field and gain knowledge on court advocacy, then this position is for you!

By becoming a Volunteer Court Advocate, you must be a compassionate listener and provide strong verbal & written communication as you will help clients with safety planning, referrals and guide them in their pursuit of a Victim's Protection Order (VPO).

In this position, Court Advocates must maintain the confidentiality and integrity of our client's sensitive information at all times. You and a supervisor will meet regularly to discuss and report any required information and services for clients. Your verbal and writing skills will be further used to complete documentation to assure compliance with the criteria.

Our Volunteer Court Advocates are the emotional support and encouragement needed for clients to receive appropriate court information successfully. The YWCA OKC Team hopes you will join us in providing resources and court education to our survivors!

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YWCA OKC Sexual Assault Services

Volunteer Opportunities

Sexual Assault Forensic Advocate Volunteer

At the YWCA Oklahoma City, our survivors of sexual assault will seek crisis invention, emotional support, advocacy, and referrals within hospital settings, or any safe appropriate site as approved by the supervisor. If you are actively ready to serve as a positive compassionate member that demonstrates leadership skills, then please join our Sexual Assault team.

Sexual Assault Volunteers must maintain the confidentiality of clients and be sensitive to issues of sexual assault and domestic violence. It is required to be a strong oral and written communicator. Your skills will be put towards providing support and information regarding the hospital and services available to ensure the best possible care for clients.


Volunteers are required to complete four (4) observation shifts within six (6) weeks of beginning service. To accomplish this, volunteers are required to fulfill a minimum of 3 on-call shifts per week. Once observations are accomplished, volunteers are required to fulfill a minimum of three (3) on-call shifts each month and attend 10 of 12 monthly team meetings annually.


Our Sexual Assault Volunteers & Interns are the emotional support and encouragement needed for our clients. The YWCA Team hopes you will join us in providing resources and successful intervention to our survivors!

Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner

A SANE exam provides expert medical care and resources to patients who have recently experienced sexual assault. This holistic medical exam addresses both emotional and physical trauma while offering medications that prevent sexually transmitted infections and more.

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