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Community Emergency Response Team

Hi and welcome to the CERT San Diego information page! 

CERT San Diego is the City of San Diego's local program (different than the County of San Diego).  We train citizens in disaster preparedness and readiness and do this through a number of methods: 

"Train and Retain" (volunteers complete the 5-day CERT Basic Academy and choose to become active members),

"Catch and Release" (the general public who complete the 5-day CERT Basic Academy, but not interested in ongoing training required to become an active member),

"Listos Aware and Prepare" (a one day, 8 hour training-still in development), and

"Community Outreach Workshops" (one and two hour workshops that discuss core preparedness principles).  

For the "Train and Retain" and the "Catch and Release" academies, we conduct a final drill.  Volunteer Patients are needed to play people injured by a disaster of some sort (like an earthquake, tsunami, wildfire, chemical exposure, etc...).  Role players to bring a reality to our practice disaster response that using injury cards cannot deliver.  If you want to spend a fun Saturday or Sunday wearing moulage make up, being rescued, and getting snacks and cake at the end of your shift, then CERT San Diego Volunteer Patient is the right volunteer opportunity for you! 

Mission Statement

Do the greatest good for the greatest number of people.

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