Catholic Charities of the Archdiocese of Washington Headquarters


1. Adult & Children Clinical Services Programs

1. Central Services Programs


Academic Interns

Academic Internships

Internships for students currently enrolled in Bachelor's or Master's level degree programs, who are required to fulfill an internship as part of their academic requirements.  

Enzler Society

Enzler Society Leaders

Enzler Society Volunteer Activities

Financial Stability Network

Financial Stability Network

Immigration Legal Services

Legal Network

Legal Network Support & Special Projects

New York Avenue Men's Shelter

Office of the Chief of Staff Volunteers & Programs

Parish Based CC DC Volunteer Activities

These are activities which CC DC helps to recruit volunteers, screen volunteers and volunteers log hours here. 2022- these are managed by Hope Corps volunteer Laura Yeomans.

Spanish Catholic Center DC

Spanish Catholic Center Gaithersburg

Spanish Catholic Center Gaithersburg

Undergraduate and Summer Interns

Ministry of Service Placements for Seminarians and other Religious

Students attending local Catholic seminaries or houses of study for associated with their religious order are welcome to apply to Catholic Charities of the Archdiocese of Washington for one of the following types of placements:

  • an undergraduate internship placement (~40 hours in a semester)
  • an academic internship placement (~240 - 600 hours with clinical supervision in an academic year)
  • a summer internship (~320 hours over 10 weeks, May-August)
  • a special project placement for a graduate student or adult (~200 hours over, roughly a day a week for 9 months) 

Volunteer Engagement Office

Volunteer Services Office


Volunteer Medical Clinic

Welcome Home Reentry Program - Prince Georges County

Welcome Home Reentry Program - Washington, DC

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