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Value Statement

Volunteers are essential to the success of many events, fundraisers, projects, groups and organizations in our community... and that's not purely by chance.

Volunteers bring passion and a humble leadership to our community... and in doing so they create ripples of change that help ensure that the City is a great place to live!

We encourage you view our many Community Volunteer postings, and hope you find the volunteer opportunity that speaks to YOU!

Recruit for Community Groups

Canadian Energy Museum - Board Opportunities

Vision/ Mission Statement: 
We cultivate curiosity, engagement, and a balanced understanding of the energy sector through our education and public programs, exhibits, and events. We endeavor to excite inquiring minds through the countless storytelling opportunities provided by Alberta’s unique energy history, its people, places, science, challenges, and innovation.

Position Available: 

  • Treasurer - 2 year term
    • Position requirements  
      • Attend monthly board meetings 
      • organizing monthly finances from the bookkeeper reports and present to the board 
      • attendance at annual general meetings 
      • support special events 
      • organize the accountants for the society's year-end with assistance from the bookkeeper and the executive Director 
      • Has signing authority for cheques 
      • participate in board discussions
    • Qualifications: 
      • Knowledge and skills in policy and/or finance
      • A working understanding of museums and/or non-profits, their operating best practices and procedures
      • Commitment to the work of the organization
      • Willingness to serve on committees
      • Ability to attend regular meetings
      • Submit to a police check
      • Ability to work collaboratively as a team member to achieve museum goals
      • Understanding of museum policies, procedures and processes
  • Director - 2 year term 
    • Position Requirements 
      • Attend monthly board meetings 
      • Attend Annual General Meetings 
      • Support special events 
      • Participate in board discussions 
    • Qualifications:
      • Knowledge and skills in any of the following: Policy, finance, programs, personnel and/or advocacy 
      • A working understanding of museums and/or non-profits, their operating best practices and procedures 
      •  Commitment to the work of the organization 
      • Willingness to serve on committees 
      • Ability to attend regular meetings 
      • Submit to a police check 
      • Ability to work collaboratively as a team member to achieve museum goals 
      • Understanding of museum policies, procedures and processes 

Contact Details: 

Name: Justin

Phone Number: 780-987-4323

Email: director@canadianenergymuseum.ca  

Website: Canadian Energy Museum

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Family & Community Support Services (FCSS)

Mission Statement

We encourage independence and healthy living through a range of community activities and support services.

General Interests

Good Neightbours - Block Connector

What is a Block Connector?
Block Connectors are residents who are willing to chat with the closest 10-20 households on their block, connect at an activity once a year and receive training offered through our Family & Community Support Services team. 

Do you have the traits of a Block Connector?
Block Connectors are trustworthy, friendly, open, kind and attentive. They are interested in meeting new people, building connections and bringing people together. Does this sound like you? If so, we would love to hear from you!

What do Connectors do?
As a Block Connector, you would be asked to:

  • Have a chat with 10-20 households on your block
  • Help connect neighbours at an activity once per year
  • Attend connector orientation
  • Act as a contact person for your street, apartment or condo complex
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Maclab Centre for the Performing Arts

Image of Maclab Centre logo

Welcome to the Maclab Centre for the Performing Arts Volunteer Front-of-House Team!!!

You will be the front-line personnel providing customer service for the Maclab Centre for the Performing Arts.  You will be trained in the policies and procedures for operating the Maclab Centre in a safe and friendly manner.

You are part of the team that will facilitate an enjoyable evening, a fabulous concert and create a home for the arts in Leduc.  Your volunteer services will contribute to the creation of a warm and friendly atmosphere at the Maclab Centre.  

Take this opportunity to make new friends, meet the members of your community and see the excellent shows.

We look forward to working with you!


General Interests

Maclab Centre for the Performing Art

Discover your inspiration, the world and be a part of the community

Join the Maclab Centre of Performing Art Volunteer team! 

Help host, the many amazing shows put on throughout the year. 


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