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Value Statement

Volunteers are essential to the success of many events, fundraisers, projects, groups and organizations in our community... and that's not purely by chance.

Volunteers bring passion and a humble leadership to our community... and in doing so they create ripples of change that help ensure that the City is a great place to live!

We encourage you view our many Community Volunteer postings, and hope you find the volunteer opportunity that speaks to YOU!

Recruit for Community Groups

Health Coalition of Alberta Board Member

Organization name: 

Health Coalition of Alberta


We envision a health care system where all Albertans have an equitable voice and access to services needed to achieve their full health potential.

Board/ Committee Details: 

Board Position 1: 
    Name of Position:

Volunteer Board Member at Large (Virtual) 

   Position requirements: 

The Health Coalition of Alberta‚Äôs Board of Directors comprises of volunteer leaders from the health and patient group sector who are dedicated to our mission. They form a governance Board focused on creating the overall strategic plan that guides the work of our Executive Director.   

Our Board consists of active advocates and members of the Health Coalition of Alberta.  Primary responsibilities for all Board members include:  

  • Set the vision, strategies and direction for the Coalition. 
  • Ensure that the Coalition remains financially viable. 
  • Promote the Coalition through the media, related organizations and agencies. 
  • Establish policies and guidelines for the appropriate operation of the Coalition. 
  • Exercise fiduciary responsibilities through prudent risk management. 

    Term and Meeting Schedule:

Board terms last for 2 years and Board members can serve for up to 3 consecutive terms. The Board typically holds 10 virtual meetings per year and hosts an annual general meeting.

    Time Commitments:

Attend monthly Board meetings (virtual) 


The ideal board candidate should be a resident of Alberta and have experience in at least one of the following: working in a managerial or supervisor role, prior non-profit board member experience or have received formal board training. 

Contact Details: 
Name: Beth 
Email: director@healthcoalitionab.ca  
Website: Health Coalition

Leduc Art Club Committees

Board Position 1: 

  • Program Committee ( Lead)

Position  Details:

  • Find teachers for classes and workshops. Ensure the teacher fills out an updated contract.
    Work with the program committee on registration booklets, number of students registered,
    paid/not paid, rescheduling with teachers, notify teacher, students, LAC and LAF if there is a
    cancellation. Be a backup to ensure that needs are met for the first day of class for the teacher
    for the committee, rescheduling. Works with web administrators, social media and LAF to get
    classing advertised online. Working with the events committee. Attend board and committee
    meetings. Help with exhibitions and (cataloguing and editing images)


  • 1-2 yr 

Meeting schedule 

  • TBD - Min. Monthly meeting 


  • Ability to work independently. Willing to take an initiative on pursuing new programming
    opportunities. Strong organizational skills. Outgoing personality. Ability to manage scheduling,
    contracts, instructors. Have an artistic background and understanding of different medias.
    Computer skills - spreadsheets

Board Position 2: 

  • Membership & Volunteer Committee ( Lead)

Position  Details:

  • Managing membership registrations and concerns. Liaise with the Programming committee.
    Recruit, organize, and schedule volunteers for ongoing open positions in the facility, and for
    special events. Attend committee meetings. Computer skills - spreadsheets


  • 1-2 yr 

Meeting schedule 

  • TBD - Min. Monthly meeting 


  • Organizational skills and communications skills.

Board Position 3: 

  • Special Events ( Lead)

Position  Details:

  • Plan and execute in special events. Attend committee meetings. Work collaboratively within
    the group. Develop and execute events planning timelines. Identify and develop future
    opportunities for special events. Book and maintain communications with vendors/members.
    Collaborate with Social media, volunteer committee and programming committee.


  • 1-2 yr 

Meeting schedule 

  • TBD - Min. Monthly meeting 


  • Outgoing personality, willing to communicate with a wide variety of people. Organization skills
    and communication skills. Ability to work in a team. Computer skills.

Contact Details: 

Email: leducartclub1@gmail.com

Website: Leduc Art Club

Safe Refuge Youth Homes of Canada Inc.- Fundraising

Position Details: 

Fundraising and Work from home 

Positions Available: 

1. Fundraiser:

  • (2 - 4) people required 
  • 2 - 4 hours per week 

2. Social media Liaison:

  • (1) Available position
  • 30min - 1 hr. per week 


Must have some computer skills, be dedicated to weekly look for sponsors through the program we use, we will train, will take any level of experience
Have a good a understanding of Social Media,( Facebook, Instagram) be willing to post something once to twice a week

Contact Details: 

Name: Melody

Email: saferefugeyouthhomes@gmail.com

Website: Safe Refuge Youth Homes

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