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Value Statement

Volunteers are essential to the success of many events, fundraisers, projects, groups and organizations in our community... and that's not purely by chance.

Volunteers bring passion and a humble leadership to our community... and in doing so they create ripples of change that help ensure that the City is a great place to live!

We encourage you view our many Community Volunteer postings, and hope you find the volunteer opportunity that speaks to YOU!

Recruit for Community Groups

Leduc Wildlife Conservation Society - Various Volunteer Positions

Position Details: 

We will have various activities throughout the year such as Telford Lake cleanup, Native plant re-establishment projects around Telford Lake, Tree planting, guided nature walks with a bird emphasis around Telford Lake, etc. Follow us on Facebook and Instagram for details of events that take place in 2023. Also attend our monthly meetings which are the first Tuesday of each month.

Positions Available: 

 Volunteer to help at various events in 2023

Schedule of Position:

  • Look for details on Facebook and Instagram


  • A keen interest in wildlife preservation

Contact Details: 

Name: John 

Phone: 780-986-6895

Email: john.stephen@vetoquinol.com

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