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Leo Carrillo Ranch

4th Grade School Education Program

The California History & Art Program is an amazing, free outdoor field trip that ignites children’s imaginations and teaches them about the people who lived on this beautiful Carlsbad property: Luiseño Indians, homesteaders of European descent and a Hollywood star recreating a Spanish hacienda and ranch.  Recently, we added the renovated Stable with hands-on experiences to help the students understand ranch life. The students create a wonderful piece of art that reinforces the lesson they have learned.  The interactive art class is taught by the City of Carlsbad Library & Cultural Arts Department. In addition, students grind corn and make tortillas to complete their ranch experience.


Leo Carrillo is a beautifully landscaped and maintained xeriscape grounds. The Parks Department is seeking assistance with basic weeding, trimming, tidying and occasional planting to sustain the park grounds.

Interface Community Services: City Partner

Learn work skills in maintenance, cleaning, socializing and contributing to the larger community. 

Ranch Docent

Docents assist with interpretation of the history and environment at Leo Carrillo Ranch and with general visitor experience in the Visitor Center, the historic buildings and park grounds.

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