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About Zero


Zero Carbon Guildford is a charity set up to enable local community action to tackle the climate and ecological crisis and associated social issues.

Zero carbon Guildford is also about to set up a 'Community Hub', in the centre of Guildford, to enable the community to come together to tackle these issues.  

The Hub will include a zero-waste shop, café, climate cinema and meeting/exhibition space and will showcase ways local people can make changes to help Guildford's journey towards a zero carbon future. 

Volunteer with Zero

Event Steward

A Volunteer Event Steward is part of a team who are responsible for ensuring larger events at ZERO (our building in the Centre of Guildford) run smoothly.

The responsibilities of the Volunteer Event Steward team may include:

  • Setting up ZERO for an event.
  • Directing guests around the building.
  • Providing information to guests.
  • Serving refreshments.
  • Clearing down ZERO after an event. Events Stewards will work with the on-duty Venue Custodian to help ensure the smooth running of ZERO.

What this role offers:

  • An opportunity to be part of a team making an exciting new community project happen.
  • The chance to build contacts and friendships with like minded people in the Guildford environmental community.
  • A reference from one of the Trustees of ZERO Carbon Guildford for your future development.

Desirable skills, experience and qualities (Ideally, the candidate will possess at least some of the following skills, experience and qualities):

  • Reliable and trustworthy
  • Friendly attitude when dealing with others
  • Willingness to be a proactive part of a team
  • Desire to be part of the ZERO team
  • Interest in environmental, climate and ecological matters.

Hours: Ad-hoc, depending on availability and ZERO event programme

Location: ZERO - Guildford town centre

Expenses: Reasonable travel expenses via public transport


Date posted 9/9/21

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Breast Cancer Haven, Wessex

Mission Statement

Your help through the toughest times

Breast Cancer Haven is the charity that supports women through their breast cancer treatment. When breast cancer tries to rob a woman of her individuality, her confidence or her strength, we provide the tailored package of emotional, physical and practical support that helps her hold on to them. 

We support women and their families via a network of six welcoming centres around the UK and through an expanding network of other services.

We're there to provide women with breast cancer the support that treatment alone can't.

How we do it

We offer advice on practical things like money and work, help combatting stress, exhaustion and nausea, advice on healthy eating and exercise. And above all, there will always be someone to talk to about your deepest fears.

Our trained professional nurses, therapists, counsellors and advisers listen to your individual concerns and give you all the practical, emotional and physical support you need in a tailor-made package.

Our support is free of charge and available in our beautiful Breast Cancer Haven centres – which are as far away from a hospital environment as you can imagine.

Each visitor to Breast Cancer Haven can expect to receive up to ten free hours' of supportive therapy time. In addition, you will also receive two hours' of nurse specialist time at the beginning and end of your tailored programme.

Our free support is also available to men who have been diagnosed with breast cancer.

Family members

Family members and close friends of people that have been diagnosed with breast cancer can access up to four hours' of free counselling.

Anyone can come – whether you’ve just been diagnosed, having treatment or in recovery. There is no need for a doctor’s referral. So just contact us, make an appointment and we will take it from there.

If you can't get to one of our Breast Cancer Haven centres help is also available over the telephone, through our self-help films on this website or via our Haven at Home DVD which you can order free of charge from our shop.

General Interests

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Brightwells Gostrey Centre (Farnham)

Mission Statement

Brightwells Gostrey has been in the heart of the community for older people for over 30 years.  We provide a warm and friendly environment for senior citizens to meet. Offering a variety of vital activities and services including freshly cooked meals, daily activities, craft workshops, grandparent and toddler groups, outings and much more. We are proud to bring a sense of belonging, companionship, fun and enjoyment to those in their golden years.

We also provide a Community Meal Service, ensuring those who need it, regularly receive a nutritious freshly cooked meal and pudding. All dishes are prepared from scratch in our kitchen. However, it is far more than just a meal we are delivering.  Our team of volunteers are a friendly face to many, helping to reduce social isolation, something which has become so much more important in the recent months.

General Interests

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Buckinghamshire & Surrey Trading Standards

Mission Statement

Buckinghamshire and Surrey County Council Trading Standards Service aims to create an environment of confident consumers and trusted traders by providing advice and guidance to consumers and businesses. However there will be occasions when a range of different actions may be necessary to deal with cases where trading standards laws have been breached by businesses or others. Our work, campaigns and projects can be found on the Business and consumers page: http://www.surreycc.gov.uk/business-and-consumers/trading-standards

General Interests

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Cranleigh Scout Group

Mission Statement

The aim of Cranleigh Scout Group is to promote the development of young people in achieving their full physical, intellectual, social and spiritual potential, as individuals, as responsible citizens and as members of their local, national and international communities.

The Method of achieving the Aim of the Association is by providing an enjoyable and attractive scheme of progressive training, based on the Scout Promise and Law, and guided by adult leadership.


Delivering an exciting and stimulating programme to young people.
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Farnham ASSIST

Mission Statement

Our mission is to be there for older people living in Farnham, meeting them where they are and showing God's love through our work.

General Interests

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FISH - Guildford Borough Council (Guildford)

Girlguiding Surrey West - Herons Wey (Farnham)

Mission Statement

Girlguiding is the largest organisation for girls and young women in the UK.  The aim is to sustain and promote a stimulating and enjoyable programme of activities.  These will help girls and young women develop their potential and enable them to play an active role in their community.

General Interests

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Guide Dogs

Mission Statement

Our Purpose: To provide life-changing services for the independence of people living with sight loss and their friends and family.

Our Ambition: A future where every person with sight loss has the confidence and support to live their lives to the fullest.

Our Behaviours:

We are




so we can:


Lead by example


General Interests

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Headway Surrey (Guildford)

Mission Statement

Headway Surrey supports people with acquired brain injuries and their families and promotes understanding of the implications of acquired brain injury throughout Surrey.


General Interests

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Heavens Road fm Catholic Radio (Guildford)

Mission Statement

Our Mission is to celebrate our Catholic Faith bt broadcasting a Catholic internet radio station with a wide mix of interesting and original programmes which showcase the creative talent within our Catholic community.

General Interests

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Hilliers Almshouse Charity (Guildford)

Mission Statement

"Hillier House is conveniently situated in the delightful Surrey town of Guildford. It is a friendly place whose aim is to provide safe, affordable, comfortable and happy sheltered housing for older ladies of limited means so that they can have an independent life in the company of other like minded people." 

General Interests

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Jacobs Well Afternoon Tea

Mission Statement

We are a community organisation with the following aims:

  • To promote the interests of the community of Jacobs Well

  • To foster community spirit – with events such as the May Day Fayre

  • To work together with statutory bodies on matters of concern, environmental or otherwise, to the village of Jacobs Well and its community

  • To provide a forum for communication within the village – via face-to-face monthly meetings, a monthly Newsletter, website, Facebook and Twitter

  • To encourage and support groups providing leisure and community activities in the village or furthering the aims of the Association and to work together with them for the benefit of their members and residents

  • To publicise the activities and concerns of the community

  • To raise funds in order to further the aims of the Association

General Interests

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KJs Community Group - Guildford

General Interests

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Leukaemia Care

Mission Statement

Improving lives through earlier diagnosis, access to effective treatments, information and support

General Interests

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Marie Curie Cancer Care

Mission Statement

Marie Curie Nurses are available in every village, town and city throughout the UK, caring for terminally ill patients who wish to die in comfortable and familiar surroundings at home with their families. Last year in Surrey, our nurses worked over 10,000 hours, through the night and day, caring for many local people. This comes at a cost to the charity of £20 for each hour a Marie Curie Nurse is in the home. This is why collections are so important to us.

General Interests

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Royal Surrey Charity (Guildford)

Our mission

We are working to deliver exceptional care in a welcoming and safe environment for patients at Royal Surrey Hospital.

From providing state of the art equipment and redeveloping wards, to investing in staff development and funding innovative research, our patients are at the heart of everything we do.

Working collaboratively with medical and support staff, we fund projects that make the biggest impact on the 260,000 people we treat each year – from babies, to children and young adults, to older people.

General Interests

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RSPCA Guildford and Epsom Branch

Mission Statement

The charitable objectives of the RSPCA are to promote kindness and prevent or suppress cruelty to animals by all lawful means.


The branch promotes animal welfare in the local area primarily through veterinary assistance, neutering and re-homing. We run a voucher scheme which assists local people with veterinary bills for treatment and neutering. It also helps to control dog and cat populations, thereby promoting responsible pet ownership.


The branch assists the RSPCA animal centres, mainly Millbrook and South Godstone, with re-homing unwanted and abused animals by home-visiting.  We also pay for veterinary treatment of stray animals and wildlife attended to by the Inspectorate in our branch area.


The RSPCA provides advice for owners on animal care. It also helps animals brought to us for rehoming because their owners are unable or unwilling to keep them. Ill treated or injured animals are cared for by the Society. The public benefits from knowing that we can intervene to assist animals in need.


We have a website to raise awareness of the activities of the branch and to help members get more involved. We provide volunteering opportunities for those who wish to support our work, including trusteeship, fundraising and home visiting. This benefits local people and companies by providing the possibility of doing work which is compassionate and rewarding.


We also have to fundraise to enable us to continue with our charitable work. The RSPCA receives no government or lottery funding.

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Surrey and Sussex Cancer Alliance

Mission Statement

Our mission is to work together to reduce variation and improve survival rates, outcomes and experience by driving innovations and improvements across our population.  We view patients and carers as equal partners in the design and delivery of their care, and we strive to ensure that the quality of care they receive is personalised to their needs.

In collaboration with system partners and through co-production with patients we seek to:

  • Reduce variation and inequalities in the delivery of cancer services across Surrey and Sussex
  • Improve accessibility of cancer services across Surrey and Sussex
  • Improve survivorship and outcomes for patients diagnosed with a cancer
  • Ensure patients have a personalised plan for their cancer treatment and recovery that reflects their wishes
  • Share best practice, innovation, and learning.

Our values

Our values underpin our approach to cancer transformation. They are:

  • Patients first – every patient, every day
  • Collaborative working
  • A willingness to change
  • Compassionate at all times
  • Transformation based on evidence
  • Honesty and integrity.

General Interests

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Treloar Trust

Mission Statement

The Treloar Trust provides education, care, therapy, medical support and independence training to young people with physical disabilities from all over the UK and overseas. Our aim is to prepare these young people for adult life, giving them the confidence and skills to achieve their full potential.

Our Vision

A world where physically disabled young people take control of their lives and achieve their aspirations

Our Mission

To enable physically disabled young people to achieve their aspirations by:

  • Providing personalised learning, therapy and care
  • Supporting transition into adulthood
  • Promoting independence and inclusion

Our Values

We are Inclusive

Everyone – regardless of physical ability, where they live or socioeconomic background – should have the opportunity to take part in life. We treat our Beneficiaries with the same dignity as their non-disabled peers and work to remove barriers in their way.

Our students and Beneficiaries are always at the centre of everything we do. Before we make decisions, we ask, “How will our students and Beneficiaries benefit from this?”

We act with Integrity and Respect

Physically disabled young people should be free to direct their own lives. We listen to young people’s views and support them to make age-appropriate choices about their daily life and informed choices about their future.

We celebrate and promote diversity, value and support each other, and treat everyone with mutual respect. We support a culture of openness, honesty and transparency, where the safeguarding of our students and wellbeing of our staff is paramount.

We strive for Excellence

Physically disabled young people and their families deserve outstanding care and support. We work to make sure all our services are excellent and actively challenge each other to ensure continuous quality improvement.

We continually innovate to ensure that our Beneficiaries receive the cutting-edge, excellent support they deserve.

Voluntary Helper

Voluntary Helpers provide support to students in the classroom, during social or sporting activities or lend a hand in an administrative role in one of our departments. We have a wide range of roles designed to welcome whatever skills or time you can offer.
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Wintershall (Bramley)

Mission Statement

The Wintershall Plays bring the story of Jesus Christ to life today.

General Interests

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