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If you are concerned about the environment, want to make a difference but don't know how then volunteering with ZERO is a good place to start.  We run a town centre hub which acts as the focal point for building a community led climate action plan. ZERO hosts a wide range of projects and events, installations and exhibitions, talks and workshops, and lots more, to help drive engagement in climate action. We are always looking for people who are able to volunteer on a regular basis to help us operate.   We  have a number of different roles within the community hub so if you are interested in helping out then we would love to hear from you

About Zero


Zero Carbon Guildford is a charity set up to enable local community action to tackle the climate and ecological crisis and associated social issues.

Zero Carbon Guildford operates a Community Hub, in the centre of Guildford, to enable the community to come together to tackle these issues.  

The Hub includes a café, houses our many projects  and showcases ways local people can make changes to help Guildford's journey towards a zero-carbon future. 


Volunteer with Zero

ZERO Volunteer


ZERO, our community hub will be moving premises this September.  Because of this we aren’t recruiting volunteers for an immediate start but would love to hear from you if you are available September onwards.  We’ll have a variety of new volunteering roles starting with helping us move, cleaning, painting and decorating our new premises, helping construct new displays etc.  Ongoing roles will include helping with outreach, marketing and communicating our message, helping in our café and getting involved in projects. 


Minimum age for volunteering is 14 and Duke of Edinburgh Students are welcome.


Minimum time commitment is half a day once every two weeks.  Our opening hours are 10 am – 4 pm Tues to Sat & 11 am to 4 pm Sunday.


To find out more please fill in the application form in the link below and we'll be in touch soon.


Outreach Volunteer

Could you be our new Outreach Volunteer?

Does this sound like you?

  • You're a self starter and can give at least two hours a week over the next six months
  • You're confident speaking to, and in front of, a wide range of people
  • You have a passion for a more sustainable future and agree with Zero Carbon Guildford's charitable objectives

What you would do:

  • You'd be on the look out for outreach opportunities for Zero to get involved in e.g. Great Big Green Week, local fairs and events etc.
  • You'd liaise with our operations team to agree the goals of each event
  • You'd co-ordinate our fabulous volunteers at our outreach events
  • You'd represent Zero at the events 

If you are interested in finding out more fill in the application form.

We look forward to hearing from you

Community Fridge Volunteer

A community fridge makes use of surplus food from supermarkets to make sure it reaches people who can use it rather than have it go to landfill.  In partnership with Mid Surrey Community Fridges we  operate a community fridge from ZERO in the centre of Guildford. The fridge is open on Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday mornings and relies on volunteers to keep it running, so please get in touch today if you can help with this incredibly worthwhile project. 

There are two ways you can help: 

Inside Zero:

  • Ensuring the fridge is kept clean, tidy and that all food is handled correctly.
  • Helping to serve customers and talk to them about environmental issues
  • Clearing left over food at the end of a session

Or, as a collector picking the food up from local supermarkets and delivering it to ZERO.  This role requires you to have your own car and will involve some heavy lifting



Help an award winning charity by being a behind-the-scenes warrior. continue on its successful journey by volunteering your time contributing to one of one of it’s most vital roles. 

These admin tasks can be mostly done from home at times that are convenient to you and include:

  • Marketing

  • Finance

  • Organising events

  • Responding to queries

Fill in an application

Amphibian and Reptile Conservation (Witley Centre, Godalming)

Mission Statement

Amphibian and Reptile Conservation is a national wildlife charity (Registered Charity 1130188) committed to conserving amphibians and reptiles and saving the disappearing habitats on which they depend.

Our vision sees amphibians and reptiles thriving in their natural habitats, and a society inspired and committed to their conservation.

General Interests

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Bourne Conservation Group

Mission Statement

The Bourne Conservation Group is a friendly group of volunteers that enjoy working together in the fresh air to improve the local environment.  The aim of the Group is to improve The Bourne area of South Farnham by maintaining and enhancing its landscape and biodiversity with due regard to its historical associations.

Membership is open to all and consists of men and women from many walks of life.  There are a wide range of tasks to be undertaken and this provides interest and enjoyment for a spread of knowledge, aptitudes and physical abilities.

Projects we are involved in include:

Improvement of Bourne Crossroads embankment and flower bed

Improvement of the Bourne Gateway - spring bulbs on the A287 & Ridgeway School planting

Woodland Management in association with Waverley District Council and the private landowner of Sable Wood

Middle Bourne Lane Community Wildlife Garden

The Old Churchyard

Public Footpath maintenance

The Bourne Stream project

Bourne Beautification in association with The Bourne Residents Association

Historical Projects

General Interests

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British Regional Transport Association

Mission Statement

The British Regional Transport Association (BRTA) is a voluntary membership-based, pro-public transport improvement association with several of its projects having a nationwide positive benefit and impact. Membership is open to all.


General Interests

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Butterfly Conservation

Mission Statement

Our Vision

A world where butterflies and moths thrive and can be enjoyed by everyone, forever.

Our Purpose

Butterfly Conservation conserves and recovers butterflies and moths and champions them for the benefit of nature and people.


General Interests

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FareShare Sussex and Surrey


Come and join our new volunteer team in Guildford.

We rescue surplus food from businesses, supermarkets and farms. This food is nutritious, in date, and safe and includes a high proportion of fresh vegetables, fruit, meat and fish. If we did not rescue this food, it would be at risk of going to waste. Instead, we deliver it to charities, schools, food banks, community pantries and fridges and other organisations serving vulnerable people.

Our new warehouse in Guildford will provide us with increased capacity for frozen and chilled food. By opening this warehouse, we aim to increase the amount of food we can save and eventually increase the number of charities and community groups we can work with in Surrey.

Our food is a vital lifeline for vulnerable people in our community. Children and families, people on low incomes, people who have lost their jobs, the homeless, refugees, domestic abuse survivors, the elderly and key workers all rely on our food.

General Interests

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Farnham Community Farm

Mission Statement

Founded in 2008, Farnham Community Farm, previously known as Farnham Local Food, is a community-run project supported by volunteer labour. Our aim is to provide fresh, locally-grown vegetables for people in and around the Farnham area.

Here’s some of the things we are proud of:

•    We care about the environment and our produce has virtually no food miles.

•    Our vegetables are the freshest in town, usually picked on the same day they are collected.

•   Same day freshness guarantees our veg maintain valuable nutrients which are lost in mass produced supermarket veg that has travelled for miles to reach your table.

•    We can grow varieties purely for taste rather than transportability.

•    Although not certified, we use organic practices to grow our veg which means everything is free of pesticides.

•    All our members have the opportunity to actively help out with the scheme.

We currently have places within our scheme if you would like to buy produce weekly.  There are a three different sizes of veg share available at competitive prices, please refer to our weekly veg bag page for more information.

As with all community projects we always need more help in all areas of our scheme.  If you think FCF is something you may enjoy being part of then come along and see us. All ages, all abilities, everyone is welcome.  We hope to see you there.

General Interests

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Furniturelink (Merrow)

Mission Statement

 Furniturelink Guildford, site logo.


Surrey Reuse Network is a group of six social enterprise charities working together in partnership to reduce landfill and help their communities by providing affordable furniture for all throughout Surrey.

General Interests

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Girlguiding Surrey West - Herons Wey (Farnham)

If you love the outdoors and would like young people to get the chance to enjoy it too, then welcome to Herons Wey.  Herons Wey is a 52 acre campsite in Tilford owned by Girlguiding Surrey West since 1977.  Completely run by volunteers, we are looking for as much help as we can find to maintain and improve what we offer.  We look forward to meeting you.

Mission Statement

Girlguiding is the largest organisation for girls and young women in the UK.  The aim is to sustain and promote a stimulating and enjoyable programme of activities.  These will help girls and young women develop their potential and enable them to play an active role in their community.

General Interests

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Guildford Borough Council - Community Wellbeing Team

Mission Statement

Do you love gardening? Do you like helping those in your community? Then we have the perfect project for you!


We are looking for volunteers to help those in their local community, who are not able to upkeep their gardens. We are aiming to start the project in Merrow during the Springtime. This is a pilot project and in the future, we would love for it to be rolled out across all the wards of Guildford.

General Interests

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Guildford Environmental Forum

Would you like to help make Guildford a more sustainable community? 

About us


Guildford Environment Forum are a Surrey based charity with a 25 year long history. We work to make Guildford (and the world beyond) a more sustainable place by educating, informing, cutting energy use, reducing ecological footprints, helping wildlife and tackling climate change. We work on local government climate Change committees, and run various hands-on projects that generate action on the environment within our local community. 

Volunteer with us

Marketing and Communications Officer - Guildford Environmental Forum



We are looking for a motivated volunteer, passionate about our natural environment, to contribute towards raising the profile of GEF’s work with the aim of growing our membership (200 currently), recruiting volunteers and making the most of our successes, especially our current projects.


Ideally, the candidate will possess the following skills and experience:

  • Experience working in the field of communications and marketing
  • Experience of updating and managing webpages
  • Strong understanding of social media platforms and management tools (e.g. Hootsuite); and of email marketing tools (e.g. MailChimp)
  • Good verbal communication skills with the ability to build positive relationships with internal and external stakeholders at all levels.
  • Good copywriting and editorial skills
  • Competence with digital graphic design programmes such as Photoshop, InDesign or similar


As the post is voluntary the specific responsibilities within the role will be negotiable, but would ideally include:

  • Managing social media accounts, posting up-to-date information on our activities to promote events and membership
  • Attending quarterly meetings of the GEF executive committee
  • Lead on the presentation of all external communications including press releases, leaflets, events promotion so as to make GEF better known locally.
  • Identifying and pursuing new opportunities to advertise our activities through local publications, radio, partners or events
  • Work alongside existing volunteers to maintain the GEF website and help with producing a quarterly newsletter, which is read by about 1,000 in the area.


The minimum time commitment we are looking for would be 2-3 hours per week. Specifics of the role will be negotiable, dependent on the applications received. All expenses will be covered and a modest budget will be available for worthwhile marketing and communication endeavours, subject to executive committee approval.


Honorary Treasurer - Posted 20th March 2023

Hon. Treasurer – Guildford Environment Forum


Salary: Voluntary (expenses paid)

Hours: approx. 2 hours per week


Guildford Environment Forum are a Surrey based charity with a 30 year long history. We work to make Guildford (and the world beyond) a more sustainable place by educating, informing, cutting energy use, reducing ecological footprints, helping wildlife and tackling climate change. We work on local government Climate Change committees, and run various hands-on projects that generate action on the environment within our local community. To find out more about our work to date, please visit http://www.guildfordenvironment.org.uk/.


We are looking for a motivated volunteer, passionate about our natural environment, to contribute towards raising the profile of GEF’s work with the aim of keeping the accounting records of the charity.  


Ideally, the candidate will possess the following skills and experience:

  • Competence in Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel and standard software accounts (quite simple to operate – Moneydance instruction available).
  • Database skills as we use the membermojo software to manage memberships. The database is managed by a membership officer.
  • Ability to operate on line banking – Lloyds Bank.


As the post is voluntary the specific responsibilities within the role will be negotiable, but would ideally include:

  • Recording an average of 20 transactions a month on Moneydance accounting software.
  • Reconciling Moneydance monthly to bank statements (available online).
  • Preparing quarterly accounts for Exec meetings, which summarise the finances since the last accounts and compare actual with budget and help inform the Chair and the Exec.
  • Reconciling subscription income (jointly with Membership Officer) of all income due from members, both new and existing.
  • Making annual gift-aid claims and collecting up to £1kpa from HMRC.
  • Paying bills or grants as they arise – about one a week – mainly online.
  • Attending quarterly meetings of the Exec Committee (optional).
  • Monitoring Restricted Funds (monies received for specific purposes)- currently the Rosamund garden, Swift funds and the Community Hub project (optional).


The ideal time commitment we are looking for would be 2 hours per week at whatever time suits the applicant. Specifics of the role will be negotiable, dependent on the applications received. All expenses will be covered.


If you are interested and able to volunteer for GEF in the above capacity then please do get in touch with Adrian Thompson by clicking on the Fill in an Application button an he will get back to you for a chat.

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Guildford Seed Bank

Saving and sharing seed in the local area

Who are we?

We are a group of a dozen residents in the Guildford area with a passion for growing food and gardening in a sustainable and self-renewing way. The seed bank was set up to involve more local people in seed-saving for using in the next growing season. Each autumn, after the growing season we will pool and share our seed to get more people growing.

Guildford Seed Bank was formed in 2021, and this winter, we announced our arrival with a fantastic community seed swap event, attended by over 150 people. 


We are hoping to bring together people of all ages who are interested in growing their own food (or flowers) and strengthening biodiversity. We also need people to help with social media, and also tending to the Seed Bank beds up at Rosamund Community Garden, where we are growing various crops for seed this year, and of course help with fundraising ideas.

General Interests

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Hive Helpers

Mission Statement

Hive Helpers' Mission is to:

INSPIRE care for pollinators - through beekeeping and connecting with the local community

IMPACT positively on local habitats - through nature conservation and raising awareness

IMPROVE mental and physical wellbeing - through mindful and empowering outdoor activities

General Interests

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Painshill Park Trust (Cobham)

General Interests

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Pewley Down Volunteers

Mission Statement

Pewley Down is a Local Nature Reserve, owned and managed by Guildford Borough Council. Pewley Down is chalk grassland, renowned for its unusual flowers, and the butterflies which depend on these. Pewley Down Volunteers have been conserving the Down for wildlife for over twenty years.

Volunteers work under the guidance of Pewley Down Volunteers Group Leaders.

We meet on the first Saturday of every month throughout the year, at 10am by the Pewley Hill entrance to the Down. Work parties go on until 2pm. Drinks & biscuits are provided. Volunteers should wear strong boots as the ground is uneven, with lots of rabbit holes. Participation by Duke of Edinburgh Award Candidates is encouraged. The main work is to keep the scrub under control, using saws, rakes and loppers. We also monitor plants and insects on site.

General Interests

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Puttenham Barn

Mission Statement



Puttenham Barn is run by a small environmental charity called Project Oasis North Downs (POND).

Its mission is to provide simple inexpensive overnight accommodation in a 250 year old barn, in an environmentally responsible way.

It is aimed at walkers, cyclists & people enjoying the surrounding beautiful countryside.

The Barn has many environmental features including solar panels (on its bike shed!), rainwater harvesting & local varieties of apple trees in the garden.

We aim to open at weekends, during school holidays and on as many other nights as we can between Easter & October.


Volunteering Opportunities

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Sayers Croft Trust (Ewhurst)

Mission Statement

To provide an outdoor learning centre for use by schools and other groups at which an individuals' awareness of, and concern for, the natural environment is increased.

We aim to provide a safe and secure residential facility,offering quality first hand outdoor experiences through promoting;

Environmental appreciation and understanding

Social cohesion through shared experience

Individual self confidence and self awareness

Sustainability of the environments

General Interests

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Surrey Campaign to Protect Rural England (CPRE Surrey)

Mission Statement


We are the Surrey Campaign to Protect Rural England (CPRE). Our aim is to protect, promote and enhance the countryside and natural environment of Surrey.


We work with local communities and their elected representatives to find positive and lasting ways to enable our countryside and nature to thrive - today and for generations to come.


Our goal is for a beautiful and vibrant countryside that sustains our wildlife, contributes to public health and wellbeing, and enriches all our lives.

General Interests

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Surrey Care Trust - Swingbridge Community Project (Guildford)

Mission Statement

Tackle disadvantage, social exclusion and hardship in local communities and to help people improve their life chances. We will reach out to people to equip them with the skills to improve their economic situation, to reduce their social isolation and to convince them that they have a valuable contribution to make to society.


Amongst the ways this is achieved are:


Helping people to help themselves for the longer term by providing life-changing opportunities through education and training.

  • Running innovative programmes designed to keep disaffected and vulnerable young people in education, either at mainstream school or at one of our own learning centres, so that they achieve the skills and self-confidence they need for a successful and fulfilling life.
  • Offering second chance learning and training to people of all ages whose lack of skills limits their opportunities and leaves them economically vulnerable.
  • Making training and education programmes available to offenders and ex-offenders, both to improve their own life chances and to create safer communities by helping to reduce re-offending.

General Interests

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Surrey Hills Society

Mission Statement

Surrey Hills Society - Discover and help conserve our National landscape The Surrey Hills Society is an independent charity formed 15 years ago.  It promotes the positive enjoyment and care of the Surrey Hills Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, which is in the course of being rebranded as one of the UK’s National Landscapes. We encourage those who live, work in, or visit the area to explore and learn about the special qualities and distinctiveness of the area.  The Society also uses its extensive network to actively promote the conservation and enjoyment of the Surrey Hills.

In June 2019 the Society was presented with the Queen’s Award for Voluntary Service which is the highest award for volunteer groups to recognise outstanding work done in their communities and is the equivalent of an MBE for voluntary organisations.

Our mission is summarised by four words: Conserve, Inspire, Educate and Enjoy.

For further information visit our website.

General Interests

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The Surrey Care Trust

Mission Statement

To tackle disadvantage, social exclusion and hardship in local communities. To reach out to families to equip them with the skills to improve their economic situation, to reduce social isolation and break the cycle of deprivation. 

General Interests

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The Therapy Garden (Normandy)

Mission Statement

The Therapy Garden is a registered charity based in Normandy Village, consisting of one acre of community garden which is managed by a team of horticulturalists, staff and volunteers to provide gardening and horticulture therapy to the more vulnerable members of society. We provide practical horticulture therapy to adults and young people with learning disabilities, mental health issues and physical disabilities.

Our ‘Green School’, enables young people aged 14-19 with learning difficulties such as autism, Down’s Syndrome and Asperger’s to achieve a City & Guilds qualification “Skills for Working Life: Horticulture” in a safe and structured environment. Students are referred to us and funded by mainstream and specialist schools in Surrey and Hampshire and many have gone on to achieve a college place or ongoing employment.

The Therapy Garden is currently organising ‘taster days’ for other groups in the local community such as brain injury and stroke victims and Dementia sufferers and we are able to plan bespoke activities that are tailored to individual client needs.

General Interests

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Woking Community Furniture Project

Mission Statement

We aim to reduce landfill by collecting and selling donated goods. We provide support and development for volunteers on "back to work" programmes and we provide low cost goods to help those on low income.

General Interests

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