Voluntary Action South West Surrey


Westfield Primary School

Mission Statement

We believe in the importance of children engaging, enriching and excelling at school.  This allows them to make the best progress they can, both academically and in their learning about themselves and their relationships, making a positive difference in their community and the world in which they live.


The school builds on the qualities and skills which parents have fostered in their child at home.  From the beginning, staff and governors aim to create a caring and disciplined environment in which each child’s well-being is valued and where they are viewed as an individual.


We aim to provide the highest quality of education for all our children, in an environment that is challenging, motivating, caring and moral, where children can acquire the skills and knowledge appropriate to their individual needs through the delivery of a creative curriculum.  Through our pledge we strive to provide a range of exciting learning and life experiences.


We help all children to grow emotionally and to learn that courtesy, excellent manners, first class behaviour, consideration and respect for others are very important qualities.  We hope all our children become happy, responsible and independent young people.

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