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Arthouse Unlimited (Godalming)

Mission Statement

ARTHOUSE Unlimited is a charity that proudly showcases the talents of artists living with learning and physical disabilities. Our inclusive art sessions provide a safe and collaborative space where artists can express themselves freely among peers and the community.

Our goal is to empower each artist by recognizing and respecting each person's unique skills, fostering a sense of pride in the work created. Led by experienced art instructors and supported by trained inclusion officers, our studio environment allows artists to produce both group and individual artworks.

These artworks are transformed into a range of products featuring information about the artists and our charity. They are sold in our high street shop and distributed nationally and internationally through various channels.

Artist holding bright coloured box of Sunshine at the Seaside, All Butter Hebridean Shortbread

Through our beneficiary award scheme, we offer individual developmental and financial support to the artists without affecting personal benefit systems. Whilst we gratefully receive donations, our ultimate aim is to achieve full sustainability through the income generated by sales, ensuring the continuity of our mission to empower artists with disabilities through art.

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