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The Guildford Society

Mission Statement

Aims and Objectives

We are a registered charity whose volunteers aim to provide a forum for debate about the issues affecting our town and borough.

1/ We are interested in following issues that affect our town and surrounding area:

  • Conserving the best of Guildford Town, Urban Area, Villages and Countryside
  • Promoting high standards of planning and architecture
  • Influencing the pace and type of development for the future
  • Raising the public awareness on issues related to our Built Environment, Heritage and Future
  • Identifying, integrating and considering matters that impact across the borough e.g. Transport Flows.

2/ Our Scope

  • Geographically we concentrate on Guildford Town and Urban Area but maintain an active interest on major matters affecting the whole of the borough and beyond.
  • We recognise areas in the borough have active and effective local groups whose work we don’t wish to replicate.

3/ We have some key principles:

  • We recognise Guildford and environs will continue to develop and evolve to meet the needs of the population, and this needs to be managed.
  • Guildford should remain a proper town, not just a commuter town for London, so we need to support economic activity, our world class educational facilities, and provide a wide range of public facilities e.g. Theatres, Entertainment Venues, Galleries, Meeting Places, Public Realm etc.
  • The area needs to be ‘competitive’ with other South East areas in the Arc formed by Cambridge – Oxford – Guildford – Redhill - Ashford.
  • Guildford and environs should aspire to be a leader in preserving heritage assets and surrounding countryside whilst enabling vibrant and sensitive development.
  • Environment will be a key consideration including:
  • Measures to encourage modal transport shift, pollution reduction, reduction in traffic congestion.
  • Measures to encourage alternative energy, management/recycling of waste and flood protection.
  • The town and its surroundings need to be better linked in a sustainable manner, including making public transport accessible and attractive.
  • Guildford and environs should be a borough for all and thus should provide affordable accommodation for all age groups.
  • We will actively seek to collaborate with other relevant groups on matters of common interest.

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