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Farnham Maltings Association Ltd

NOTE: As the current coronavirus situation continues to develop, the Farnham Maltings has closed for the foreseeable future. Due to this, we we will not be accepting any applications to volunteer with us until we re-open.


A temporary helpline for the Farnham community has been set up, to ensure that anyone who needs support can access it from someone in their neighbourhood. 


If you would like to volunteer or offer a particular skill, please send an email to: volunteers@farnhammaltings.com.


Please note that this helpline has been set up in association with the Farnham Town Council, Farnham Maltings and the Farnham Herald, along with local volunteer organisations. You must email the above address in order to apply to help.

Mission Statement

Vision & Values

We believe that creativity helps us make sense of the world, bring people together and has the potential to articulate new ideas. By encouraging people to participate in the arts, as audience and makers, we will foster a healthier, happier and safer contemporary Britain. 

Our activity is underpinned by the following values:

Identifying shared ambition is a key characteristic of how we work. This requires generosity, clarity of purpose and confidence. We will continue to identity new relationships an ways of working to increase the impact and range of our work.

equal opportunity
We work at making all of our activity transparent and fair. We retain an instinct for working with these that have least access to our work and in monitoring the ways in which we make choices.

We believe that for us to thrive we need to adapt and respond to the world around us, exploring new ways of reaching new audiences in new places. This requires us to see change as inevitable, investing in staff, adapting our buildings, listening and hearing, looking and seeing.

children & young people
Our preference is not to treat children and young people as a distinct group of people but ensure that they are integrated within our activate. We will continue to encourage young people as makers/creators and audiences.

Of paramount importance is that we remain open to opportunity but prepared to say no if we feel compromised, over stretched or that an offer places unreasonable demand on our own resources.

We will test all our activities against inter nation ambition – from the artist’ studio programmes, to the choice of work, to the partnerships we develop and the opportunities we pursue.

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