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GOLO, Godalming Lottery

Mission Statement

Golo is a small society lottery, run like a raffle, to raise funds for local causes in Godalming, and to foster community spirit

The Godalming Lottery was started by the Go-Godalming Association in 2008 to raise funds for local causes.  It remains the only independent town lottery of this type in the country.  It's a Small Society lottery run like a raffle with cash prizes.  Tickets (Golos) cost £1 each and are on sale throughout the town.  At the end of each month we have a Draw in the centre of town and give away 17 cash prizes totalling £1000, top prize £500.  All our remaining proceeds (at least 20% of our gross takings each month) go to local causes which anyone from Godalming can suggest.  We have currently given away ~£27,000 to schools, day centres, sports clubs, the museum, arts and community projects and many others.  The complete list of our contributions, with photos, is available on our website.  Here's just a few: We've bought computers to help elderly people learn to surf the net, goals for a children's football team, a keyboard for Godalming Theatre Group, our Jubilee Beacon, patient's tables for Milford Hospital, equipment for an eco-pond at a local school, theatre trips for young carers, and Christmas hampers for disadvantaged families.

Unllike most charity lotteries, most of our sales are done personally rather than online.  Just as important as raising the money for our causes is the community spirit Golo helps nurture.  It truly is a 'win win' initiative.   Shops which sell Golos benefit from increased footfall.  Our £500 winner each month is presented with their cheque at the outlet where the winning ticket was sold which is great publicity.  We invite sponsorshop which helps cover our printing costs and is a wonderful way for local businesses to raise their profile locally and is highly cost effective.


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