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Bike Project Surrey

Mission Statement

Who is Bike Project Surrey for?

Students not in school come to us for work experience, to learn about bikes and get an industry recognised qualification in Bicycle Care and Maintenance so that they have choices when they leave school.

People in the local community not in work, training or education can come to us to learn about bikes, get work experience and we become a positive part of their routine and life.

Volunteers support students, adults or just work on bikes – because they love bikes too.

Everyone who becomes part of Bike Project Surrey Team contributes to the welcoming and inclusive approach so that people feel good and that they belong at Bike Project Surrey.


  • Everyone in the community has the chance to learn about bikes and how to look after them in an environment that is inclusive, welcoming and happy so that people feel valued and that they belong.
  • Affordable bikes for the community to buy and use to travel, be healthy, fit and happy.
  • Affordable bike service available to the community so that their bikes stay on the road.
  • Bikes and parts recycled so that they do not contribute to landfill or pollute the environment. Riding bikes means you’re not driving.


We will provide learning opportunities around bikes for everyone – but especially for young people and adults who are not in education, employment or training. We will offer this through our Alternative Provision and adult placements.

This will be successful because Bike Project Surrey workshops are positive, happy and inclusive places to work and be with others. A shared interest and love of bikes means that while people are at Bike Project Surrey they will meet and learn skills and values from others who they might not otherwise have met.

The bikes we work on will be make made for everyone in the community as affordable recycled bikes for getting about on and keeping fit and healthy. This will also contribute an income to support the vision.

Students, adults and volunteers will be offered industry recognised qualifications, work experience and chance to ‘earn a bike’.

So Bike Project Surrey will…

  • Offer access to learning and skills in the local community though partnership with Guildford College
  • Provide a range of volunteering opportunities in an inclusive, non-judgemental and supportive environment
  • Create opportunities to develop new skills to enhance employability
  • Encourage skill-sharing and independence, where new skills are learned in a way that is empowering for all
  • Involve volunteers in setting-up a new business and inspire the creation of other similar initiatives
  • Promote access to cycling as an affordable and sustainable transport option
  • Divert bicycles and their parts from recycling and landfill
  • Encourage healthy lifestyles

General Interests

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Cancer Research UK, Downing Street, Farnham Shop

Mission Statement

Our main purpose is simple: to save lives by preventing, controlling and curing cancer. We do this through our world-class research into over 200 types of cancer, all of which is entirely funded by our supporters.

We fund over 4,000 scientists, doctors and nurses across the UK who are working tirelessly to find new and better ways to beat cancer.

We don't just do research - every year we help millions of people by providing information for patients, health professionals and the public.

We push hard for positive changes in public policy and legislation, helping to keep cancer at the top of the health agenda and bring benefit to cancer patients.

We tell the world what's going on through a wide range of publications - from simple leaflets on prevention and detection to our Annual Review.

Each area of our work is making a real difference. As a direct result of your support and our research, more people are beating cancer than ever before - survival rates have doubled over the past 40 years.

We have around 550 charity shops across the UK and they play a vital role in raising funds and awareness for our cause.

As a shop volunteer you are among the most visible faces of the charity and contribute hugely to how the public perceive us and the work we do.

General Interests

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Cherry Trees (East Clandon)

Mission Statement

Our Vision


Cherry Trees aims to be a model of excellence in respite care for children and young adults with physical and mental disabilities.

Cherry Trees aims to provide a high quality service of respite care to children in a relaxed and caring setting.

 We believe that every child is an individual with the right to enjoy a normal pattern of life within the community, appropriate to his/her age.

 Although we support individual learning programmes for each child and follow through with all programmes that are being implemented at home or school, we do not provide a structured educational system as we believe we are a “home from home” where children can relax and play.

 We advocate respect, dignity, freedom of choice and privacy for each child.  We believe in the principle of  Child First, Disability Second.

 We respect and acknowledge the role of parents/carers and the challenges they face in nurturing the potential in the child or young adult in their care.


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Girlguiding Surrey West - Herons Wey (Farnham)

Mission Statement

Girlguiding is the largest organisation for girls and young women in the UK.  The aim is to sustain and promote a stimulating and enjoyable programme of activities.  These will help girls and young women develop their potential and enable them to play an active role in their community.

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KJs Community Group - Guildford

General Interests

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Leonard Cheshire Disability Hydon Hill (Godalming)

Mission Statement

Hydon Hill is a residential home (with nursing care), providing a range of services for adults with physical disabilities. Ages range from late teens to retirement age.

Set in the beautiful Surrey Hills AONB, our home was purpose-built in the 1970s and is surrounded by peaceful woodland. The scenic and historic town of Godalming is just a short drive away - it offers many useful amenities, including excellent shops, restaurants and pubs.

Our residents make sure their home has a lively atmosphere. At their request, we offer lots of activities in the home, including arts and crafts, games, cooking, and movie-watching. We also have a lovely garden and our own charity shop on site ( - donations and shoppers always welcome between 11.00 and 3.00 pm).

Our fully-trained staff work hard to ensure everyone is happy in their home. We support our residents to be independent and to take part in community activities as they wish.

The internationally known Leonard Cheshire Organisation has been offering residential care to people with long term disabilities for over 70 years. Join our team and you will have a wealth of experience and expertise to work with.

Whether you join us for 1 hour a month or multiple hours per week, you will be much valued by our residents and greatly rewarded by knowing you are making such a valuable contribution.

Thank you for your interest.


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Military Cadet Training Corps

MCTC Mission Statement

The Military Cadet Training Corps provides an environment where young people can learn, practice, focus, enjoy, feel safe and develop leadership skills in the following subjects, Military, non Military skills, social skills and extensive first aid training, we are also keen on teaching cadets ethical decision making and providing help to the community. The MCTC is able to reach at-risk young people and offer much needed care and support. For these aspirations to become reality however, it is essential that the MCTC is seen to be firmly rooted within the life of the wider community, and supported by all organisations, businesses, charities, schools, the local authority and anyone that is there to support children in our community, and that wherever possible, young people are provided with the opportunity to participate in the life of that community.Through the programmes, activities and ethos of the MCTC, the officers and instructors guide and support young people and act as mentors and role models in their personal, social and physical development. The programmes that the MCTC provides will create opportunity for the young people to develop into mature and responsible adults who will play an important role within their communities and wider society.


Major I Clarke (MCTC)

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Surrey Drug and Alcohol Care Helpline

Mission Statement

Surrey Drug & Alcohol Care is a registered charity which has been set up as a result of a need in the county of Surrey for a confidential Freephone help line for substance misusers and those with mild to moderate mental health problems, their families, friends and colleagues, aiming to make a difference to their lives. Trained volunteers respond to the distress caused by substance misuse or mental health on a high quality help line that is accessible 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, emphasising empowerment and self-help.


  • To provide information about county and countrywide resources and support to persons and organisations helping people experiencing the effects of substance misuse.
  • To promote mental health well being county-wide.
  • To promote, liaise and exchange information with relevant agencies both within the Surrey area and outside.
  • To raise public awareness of the continuing impact of substance misuse.
  • To advance the education of the harmful effects of drugs and alcohol amongst those young students in full time education in Surrey and professional groups.
  • Website: www.sdac-helpline.co.uk
  • Join us on Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/groups/610138639182651/

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