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Community Services



 Do you have an interest in supporting older people and people with a disability in our community?

Are you....

  • interested in meeting and socialising with older people and people with a disability?
  • enjoy working with and visiting individual clients?
  • able to share specific skills and interests with participants?
  • able to make a weekly commitment?

If you have ticked yes to any of the above, then why not volunteer with the Ageing & Inclusion team.

Ageing and Inclusion aims to deliver quality care and wellbeing programs and services that are responsive to community need. We encourage and support older people, people with a disability and their carers to be informed, connected, resilient and to fully participate in community life.

As a volunteer you will provide individual support on a regular basis to an older person or a person with a disability who reside in the City of Melbourne.

Learn more about how to make a difference.

Social Support-Friendly Visiting Program Role Description

Gardens for Wildlife


Help us preserve local biodiversity and protect habitat by becoming a Wildlife Garden Advisor for Gardens for Wildlife Melbourne.

Do you want to see more nature in the city?

Are you passionate about our local plants and animals?

Become a Wildlife Garden Advisor and help us support wildlife gardening in community, school, home and rooftop gardens.

Gardens for Wildlife (G4W) is an exciting program supporting the community to providing an area of habitat in the garden to promote and support local wildlife.

Volunteers visit the gardens of new members and provide examples and ideas that inspire gardeners to value local biodiversity and conserve indigenous flora and fauna.

Volunteering is a fantastic opportunity to meet new people, develop and share your skills. You will be the face of Gardens for Wildlife Melbourne, passionate about biodiversity and keen to build a connection to Australian plants and animals, sharing your insights and knowledge with the community. As a volunteer  you will also be provided opportunities to learn, mentor, network and collaborate through a series of workshops and social events focused around habitat gardening and caring for wildlife in backyards.

Learn more about the City of Melbourne Gardens for Wildlife program

Gardens for Wildlife Opportunities