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Family Services - Child Welfare & Mental Health

Ongoing - Administrative & Operations Support

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Family Services - Gallagher Services


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Our Daily Bread Employment Center

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Sarah's House

Office Administrative Assistant

Thank you for your interest in the Office Administrative Assistant (OAA) activity!

As you may already know volunteers are the backbone of Sarah's House. Our staff/clients receive assistance from volunteers in various areas of the program. But, many volunteers are not aware of the day to day activities that occur "behind the scenes" of our program to keep it running.  Unlike for profit companies, our efficiency doesn't affect the amount of money we make; it affects the number of clients staff are able to help reach self-sufficiency, which makes our "behind the scenes" work so important.

As an OAA, you will get to see the amount of time our staff spend ensuring that the administrative duties get completed in order for Sarah's House to continue to thrive. The OAA will get to see the tremendous amount of planning and management it takes to serve our clients, recruit/train volunteers, manage donations, raise money, show appreciation to our staff, promote the program to the community and so much more.

As the OAA, your primary point of contact will be Julie Martin, Administrative Assistant II. Your secondary point of contact will be Candice Willie, Operations Manager. Julie and Candice work together side by side on special projects, trainings and various office administrative duties which you too will get to experience with them.

What we are looking for in an OAA:

1. A volunteer that can commit as least one day per week.

2. Friendly, upbeat, patient, understanding, willing to learn new skills/software, efficient, and innovative quick learner.

3. Proficient in Microsoft Word, Outlook, Power Point (Excel preferable).

4. Displays an interest in team work approach and able to foster an atmosphere of hospitality.

5. Ability to climb stairs, walk throughout property and lift up to 50 pounds.

6. Minimum typing speed of 55 words per minute.

7. Ability to effectively communicate both written and oral.

For questions or cancellations, please e-mail


When a volunteer "Signs Up" for an activity that doesn't guarantee the person(s) will automatically be scheduled on the day/shift selected. After the Administrator has reviewed the volunteer's qualifications, the volunteer will receive an email that states, "Yes, you meet the qualifications and have been assigned to the activity or No, you do not meet the qualifications and asked to select another activity".

Once the Administrator assigns this activity, date and time the volunteer selected will appear on the volunteer's "Schedule" tab. The volunteer will need to click on the "Confirm" icon to accept this activity. Clicking the "Confirm" icon will inform the Administrator that the volunteer has committed to this activity. You must “Confirm” in order to officially be listed as a participant.

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The Weinberg Housing and Resource Center

Client Programming

General Volunteer

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