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Sarah's House


We are pleased that you are interested in volunteering in our state-licensed child care center.  We have been in operation since 1992.

We offer child care services to children ages 6 weeks-12 years old Monday-Friday 7a-6p.  The staff is professionally trained and loves children.  We provide a nurturing place with structured lesson plans and offer educational and recreational activities that stimulate interest and enhance learning abilities with activities that help each and every child learn at their own speed. 


In Kind Donation Drives

Thank you for your interest in contributing in-kind donations! We appreciate your contributions greatly. By contributing in-kind donations such as goods, you help Sarah's House reduce its cost on purchasing items needed for the clients we serve 365 days per year.

When Sarah's House doesn't have to spend funds on day to day items such hygiene products, toiletries, bed linens, household accessories, food, etc. that frees up funds for operational expenses, such as internet, telephone bill, cost associated with hosting fundraisers, staffing, just to name a few. 

At Sarah's House, our in-kind needs are constantly changing based on the frequency the items are being utilized by the clients. Sarah's House stores donations in the various sheds and closets located throughout property which are limited in size. These locations are constantly being monitored for what we have on hand by our Operations Manager, Candice Willie who can be contacted at 667.600.3557 if you have questions about in-kind donations.

In the event our storage locations reach full capacity for a particular item our Operations Manager will remove that specific in-kind donation from the activity's calendar until the inventory decreases to its par level. Once the item(s) reaches par level, the in-kind item(s) will be scheduled on the activity calendar for donors to sign up. Donors can collect the in-kind items individually or coordinate a donation drive with their friends, families, colleagues, schools, etc.

Once you (and/or your group) select a day/time on the activity calendar for a particular in-kind item, that will be the day staff/volunteers will be expecting the donation to arrive to property. Knowing in advance provides a bit of an ease for staff because we can prepare/plan better when a delivery is expected to arrive.

In addition to staff availability, we can arrange for volunteers to be available to create an even smoother transition from your vehicle to the bldg/shed. Your primary location to drop off donations will be the main office (look for the blue and white Sarah's House sign in front of bldg 2015). When available, staff/volunteers(s) can meet you at the designated bldg/shed to drop off the in-kind items directly into their designated storage area. Taking the items to their designated location creates a clutter free front desk area, frees up the space in the main bldg.’s hallway and helps get the donations to their area quicker.

Here are the in-kind items Sarah's House do not accept:

  1. Cribs – due to licensing regulations.
  2. Mattresses – we have special mattresses that protects against bed bugs better than conventional mattresses.
  3. Bed frames, head boards, railings, any bed parts. – SH has metal bed parts that are a protection against bed bugs.
  4. Bikes, scooters, wagons, big wheels, tricycles, motorized cars.
  5. Sofas, loveseats, recliners, ottomans, file cabinets, bookcases and any furniture.
  6. Washers & Dryers - we have a vendor that takes care of repairs and replacement.
  7. Non-flat screen TVs
  8. Toys - any violent toys, life size doll house, train sets
  9. Open hygiene products and makeup
  10. Used pillows
  11. Expired foods
  12. Exercise equipment - no space for set up
  13. Household/kitchen items such as silverware, cups, glasses, microwave, toaster, area rugs, food processors, juicers, pots and pans. Our shelter clients only have a room and share common areas.
  14. Printers - required to purchase through agency IT
  15. Computers - required to purchase through agency IT
  16. Video game systems - hand held and consoles
  17. Baby walkers - shelter rooms do not have the space.
  18. Clothing - soiled and damaged
  19. Undergarments - no used items


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