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Fort Edmonton Park

Now Recruiting for Summer 2024! 


Mission Statement

Connecting generations to Edmonton's dynamic history through fun, unique, and immersive experiences. 

Heritage Gardens

The Heritage Garden Interpretive Program at Fort Edmonton Park consists of growing heritage varieties of annuals and perennials in our onsite greenhouse; developing an interpretive plan which outlines the garden designs; plant material representative of the historical gardener or era in which it is located; research; following heritage planting and gardening through the interpretive program.
What started out fifteen years ago as one simple vegetable garden has expanded into 15 market gardens, four feature theme gardens and two farm gardens! Fort Edmonton Park employs two full-time gardeners, and they rely heavily on the valuable assistance of the Heritage Garden volunteers.

Public Interpretation

Interpretation is about making meaning: where a language interpreter makes French make sense in English, a historical interpreter makes history make sense to modern people. Our Public Interpretation Department oversees activities and programs that bring history to life and ensures our stories are told in meaningful and accurate ways. 

We are currently recruiting for the following opportunities. Keep your eyes open for new ones, or check out the listing in the "General Interests" section above for more information about recruitment timelines. 

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