Friends of the Library, Mt Barker Inc

The Friends of the Library, Mt Barker Inc association is a community group that helps support the library through fundraising to increase, or upgrade library resources, and advocacy for residents of Mount Barker District Council area.

If you want to be involved in the activities of the Friends of the Library Mt Barker, membership and information forms are available at the Mount Barker Community Library front desk or by emailing: 

The Friends group will work best when many residents share ideas and work together, so spread the word and encourage everyone you know.  The future of your free, public library needs your voice.

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Hahndorf Town Band

Hi there,

Thank you for showing interest in volunteering for the Hahndorf Town Band, we are an organisation of musicians who meet once a week to rehearse and learn music in a fun, family atmosphere. We have learning programs to teach both children and adults to play instruments and develop a love of music. As a band we have many performances throughout the year which we organise and as we are players as well it would be good if we had some volunteers to help out with some of these organisational tasks. there is also a library of music that needs control and instruments to keep tidy and in good condition as well as a hall and grounds that require ongoing maintenance. Also, brass and percussion instrumentalists are always needed.  Please contact us to find out more about how you can make a difference to our organisation. 

David A. Jackson


Hahndorf Town Band

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The Hills Community Toy Library

The Hills Community Toy Library (HCTL) is a 100% volunteer-run organisation.

We offer generous discounts and other perks to our general volunteer and committee members like free party pack hire and increased borrowing limits. We are always looking for more volunteers to assist in running our borrowing sessions.

If you, or someone you know, are interested in volunteering but not needing or wanting to join the toy library we would still be keen to hear from you. Please contact us so that we can match your skills and interests to a small job or task. Examples include collection management, toy and other repairs, and grounds maintenance.

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