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General Interests

Campground Host

We are still accepting applications for 2024! If you have interest in becoming a campground host in 2024 or beyond, feel free to apply! Please indicate within your application of what campground you would be interested in at Kettle Moraine State Forest-Southern Unit.

Below are examples of general campground host duties.

  • Reside in a campsite at the campground and volunteer a few hours per day
  • Greet and assist campers with information about the property and facilities
  • Assist in daily campground operations and set an example by being a model camper
  • Clean campsites, check facilities and assist with light maintenance
  • Dispense property information and assist with campground programs
  • Enjoy the company of other campers and make sure that they enjoy their stay

Mountain Bike Trail Maintenance

Join the newly formed volunteer crew, known as Southern Kettles Off Road Riders (SKORR). We will work to continually maintain all mountain bike trails at Kettle Moraine State Forest-Southern Unit, including John Muir, Emma Carlin, and Connector trail systems. All tools are supplied.  Trail work consists of: downed tree removal, trail erosion repairs, trimming back encroaching vegetation, or whatever needs to be done.

Trail crew meets most weekends, usually Saturdays, but some Sundays instead.  Most work days are from 8am till noon, but you are not required to stay the whole time. 



Property Maintenance

  • Clean up park grounds, campgrounds and facilities
  • Complete special or seasonal maintenance tasks as needed
  • Do carpentry, remodeling or other minor construction projects
  • Make park information signs
  • Assist with minor vehicle/boat/equipment repairs and maintenance
  • Build and maintain new and existing trails
  • Build informational kiosks


Help maintain the gardens at our forest headquarters and the contact stations at Ottawa Lake and the Whitewater Campground. Activities include:

  • Planting and maintaining native plant species
  • Weeding
  • Spreading mulch
  • Watering

Ski Trail Maintenance

Our ski trails at the Nordic Trails and McMiller Trails require year-round maintenance.  Our staff takes care of the snow grooming and track setting when the trails are open to skiing, but a lot of work is required to get to that point of the season.  We are looking for volunteers who can help in the summer and fall with:

  • Checking the trails for downed trees or other hazards, especially after storms.
  • Cutting brush on the edges of the trails
  • Cutting the low-hanging branches overhead
  • removing downed trees on the trail
  • Maintaining the trail surface to prevent erosion and allow better skiing conditions in the winter.

Hiking Trail and Nature Trail Maintenance

Do you enjoy hiking on the trails in the Kettle Moraine State Forest- Southern Unit? Do you get annoyed when there is a tree down across the trail? Or when there are low-hanging branches right at eye level?  We don't like it either! There are roughly 150 miles of trails in the southern unit, and we could use a hand taking care of them. 

We are looking for volunteers to help with the Scuppernong Hiking Trails, Scuppernong Nature Trails, Bald Bluff Nature Trail, Lone Tree Bluff Nature Trail, Paradise Springs Nature Trail, Rice Lake Nature Trail, and Stute Springs Nature Trail.  

Activities would include:

  • Trimming branches
  • Notifying forest staff when there are downed trees or other trail hazards
  • Picking up litter

Trail Maintenance

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