City of Coppell, Texas


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City of Coppell Fire Department

Life Safety Park Opportunities

Volunteer opportunities at the Life Safety Park:

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City of Coppell Parks and Recreation

Welcome! Thank you for your time and dedication in making Coppell a family community for a lifetime!

Biodiversity Education Center: Adult Volunteer

The Biodiversity Education Center at Coppell Nature Park promotes and provides hands-on environmental education. Participants of the education programs, for both school and the com​munity, observe and learn about local flora, fauna, and environmental sustainability issues, as well as develop a deeper connection to their environment through nature.

Coppell Community Garden

There are many opportunities to help with the community gardens and the organization that manages the activities.

Coppell Nature Park

The Coppell Nature Park's development has been fostered by citizen and youth participation. Community service and education work hand-in-hand with youth and adults to further our quality of life. We need volunteers to help us maintain the park. Sign up for our monthly work days and special projects. You can keep our park beautiful!

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City of Coppell Police Site


Police Volunteer Opportunities
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