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Volunteer with the Fort Worth Animal Shelter!


Want to make a difference? Join us!

There are so many ways to volunteer your time to help Fort Worth Animal Care and Control (FWACC). We could not save more than 90% of the pets who come through our doors annually without our incredible volunteer team. If you're passionate about helping people and pets, we have a "job" for you!

Volunteers are needed for almost everything we do, but our biggest volunteer needs are:

  • Adoption Matchmaker (most needed for medium and large dogs) - help families find their perfect match among the 300 or more pets waiting at our shelter. 
  • Dog Enrichment Program - provide enrichment (in the form of toys, treats, and more) to pets in our care. Enrichment is critically important to help pets stay mentally and physically stimulated while they are in the confinement of a shelter.
  • Pawparazzi - help photograph the pets in our care waiting for their homes. By having clear, distinguishing photos showcasing the animals personality, it helps increase their adoptability and connect them with their new family.
  • Play Yard Monitors - with over 300 dogs in our shelter on any given day, we rely on our play yard areas to help dogs get much needed exercise and enrichment in play groups. These volunteers help us monitor the yards and ensure the play groups are safe and fun for every dog involved.
  • Greeters - help potential adopters find their way around the shelter and meet adoptable cats and dogs
  • Off-Site Adoption Centers/Events - assist with adoption matchmaking, cleaning and greeting potential adopters at our two off-site adoption centers and off-site adoption events
  • General assistance with cleaning, laundry, dishes, and more!
  • Foster Volunteers - volunteering in our foster care program is an extremely rewarding opportunity for individuals and families. Our foster program allows pets that are too young for adoption, who are recovering from an illness or injury, or who are in need of other care to stay in private homes until they are ready to be adopted.

    Click here to learn more about our foster program.


Our general volunteer program is open to individuals as young as 13 years of age however, anyone between the ages of 13 and 15 must be accompanied by a parent/guardian when volunteering at any location. Volunteers age 16 and older may volunteer on their own.


Looking for group activites?

We love having volunteer groups visit us! We are able to accommodate groups of at least 5 but no more than 25 volunteers, all of whom must be at least 18 years old. We call this our “Day of Service Program”. Opportunities are available most Mondays-Sundays, and must be scheduled at least two (2) week in advance. Scheduling is made on a first come, first-served basis. Please contact our volunteer coordinator, Lydia McKaye, by email at (be sure to include the preferred date, time, and names of volunteers in your email). 

By choosing to volunteer, you will have the opportunity to strengthen our great city by connecting with families, neighbors, and communities through service. Your help is very much appreciated by staff and the shelter pets - help us make a difference in your community!



General Interests

Adoption Ambassador

Volunteers will assist with different aspects of the adoption process.  Some of these duties include greeting and directing patrons, taking out animals for potential adopters, answering basic questions about the animals, and educating patrons about responsible pet ownership.  Adoption Ambassadors may also help it a patron is reclaiming a lost pet and assist them in finding their animal in the shelter

Greeters must have strong interpersonal skills and enjoy interacting with the general public in a non-judgmental and professional manner.

Animal Care

Volunteers will assist the staff in maintaining the general welfare (feeding and cleaning) of the animals.  Duties may include feeding the animals, providing fresh water, cleaning and sanitizing the cages, and promoting a healthy environment.

Dog Bathing

Volunteers will wash dogs (not necessarily groom) prior to surgery and as needed.  Bathing dogs in a gentle manner also helps it to remain calm and well socialized.

Mobile Adoption Events

Promote FWACC’s mission and recruit volunteers, adopters, and donors at special events around town. Work at information tables and booths, hang out with adoptable animals and assist during the adoption process while appropriately representing FWACC. Depending on the event, dog walking, animal handling and pet and crate care may be needed. Locations vary across the city.

PAL (Petting, Attention, Love)

Volunteers will help meet the emotional and social needs of the animals in our shelter by providing one-on-one interacting with the dogs and cats either in their kennels our outside in a play yard (dogs only).

PetSmart Volunteer

Walk, play and care for our dogs and cats at one of our Adoption Centers located at either PetSmart Hulen, Alliance, or Watauga. Volunteers may also answer questions from the public about adoptable animals. 


Volunteers will photograph our pre-selected animals for media and rescue publication.  Photoshoots should either be in the conference room our outside play area at the Animal Shelter.  If you can, try to bring a toy or some sort of noise-maker to get the animal’s attention when taking photos.   Volunteers are encouraged to have their own “fancy” camera for this activity. 

Veterinary Clinic Assistance

Volunteers will clean instruments and put surgical packs together.  Volunteers will also help retrieve and return animals from and to their cages.

Volunteers must be attending a veterinarian technician school or agree to additional training as needed to qualify for this activity.

Graffiti Abatement

What type of projects do we have for volunteers?


To help reduce and discourage criminal defacement of private and public property and make Fort Worth an even more beautiful community.

Duties: In this very visible role, you’ll attack graffiti by painting over it on structures large and small. 

Time Frame: Typically a four-hour shift on one day.

Qualifications: No experience necessary. Must be at least 12 of age to participate with a supervised group, if you are younger you will need one-on-one supervision. Must wear closed-toed shoes. Must be able to stand, stoop, bend, reach, etc., for extended periods of time. This project is an outdoor activity. Great for individuals and groups.

Mural Artist

Purpose: To outline creative designs that enhance the surrounding neighborhood with the purpose of reducing and discouraging criminal activity on private and public property and helping Fort Worth be an even more beautiful community.

Duties: In this artistically inclined role, you’ll first work on site by yourself creating an initial outline, which later will be filled in by a group of volunteer mural painters. You will also be on site when the volunteers are painting to oversee their work. Then you’ll have an opportunity to return after they finish to complete any necessary touchups to the final product.

Time Frame: Depending on the project paint date, you will have up to one week before that date to create the outline on the canvas, plus one day for the paint project and any additional hours for touchups, if necessary.

Qualifications: Skilled in creating an outline on small and large canvases, along with the ability to work with local volunteer groups of all ages and abilities and help direct them in panting a unique and inspired piece of community art. This project is an outdoor activity.

Mural Projects

Purpose: To help reduce and discourage the criminal activity of vandalism. Minimizing defacement of private and public property (i.e., graffiti) also helps enhance Fort Worth and make it a more beautiful community.

Duties: You’ll make a lasting mark in this important role, where you’ll help paint in the lines of a mural created by a local artist. 

Time Frame: One day.

Qualifications: No experience necessary. Must wear closed-toe shoes. Must be able to follow directions and stay within the lines drawn by the mural artist. This project is an outdoor activity. Great opportunity for groups. Age requirements will be posted with each mural date.

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This project also allows groups as well as individuals to paint over any vandalism to our City.

Keep Fort Worth Beautiful

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Keep Fort Worth Beautiful (KFWB) is an award-winning affiliate of Keep America Beautiful and Keep Texas Beautiful that has served our community for more than 40 years. Our mission is to educate and engage Fort Worth residents and businesses to take responsibility for improving their community environment.

KFWB has three goals:

  • End Littering
  • Improve Recycling
  • Beautify Communities

We encourage all residents, businesses and visitors to become a volunteer to help prevent litter and make a difference in our community!

If you have any questions, please contact us at  OR our website for more information:

General Interests

Volunteer-Led Cleanups

These flexible volunteer opportunities are for all individuals and groups who want to clean litter and have a positive impact on their community. They are also great for organizations who are looking for a day of service project. We provide free supplies to anyone cleaning litter in a public space in Fort Worth. All ages and abilities welcome!