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Teen Court

Fort Worth Teen Court

Teen Court is a voluntary program that allows teens to perform community service and jury duty in lieu of paying fines for citations received from the City of Fort Worth. Successful completion of Teen Court results in dismissal of the citation and a clean record. Participants plead their case before a teen jury, the members of which then determine the appropriate community service hours to be performed within a three-month period.

Youth and adult volunteers are essential to the success of Teen Court. 

Youth volunteers are required to be 13 to 18 years old.  Youth can volunteers as jurors or teen attorneys.  Volunteering as a teen attorney or a juror is a great opportunity for young people to increase their knowledge of the judicial system, develop critical thinking, improve decision making skills and provide service to the community. All volunteer hours will be logged and can be applied toward college admission and scholarship requirements.

Adult volunteers will facilitate and monitor hearings and assist with paper work. Volunteers with experience or training in the judicial/legal field are needed to assist with training teen attorneys and to preside as judges for Teen Court hearings. 

Adult volunteers will see the positive impact the program has on teen volunteers and youth referred to the program. They will witness young people find their voice, develop confidence and learn the importance of being accountable for their actions. 

Teen Court meets on Tuesday evenings from 5pm to 7:30pm at the A.D. Marshall Public Safety & Courts Building in Downtown Fort Worth.  We are able to accommodate volunteers looking for long term, short term and occasional opportunities.  Thank you for your interest in Teen Court. Hope to be working with you soon!


General Interests

Teen Attorney

Teen Attorneys must be 13-18 years old and currently enrolled in middle school or high school.  Teen Attorneys are required to make at least a one semester commitment, fall (August-December), spring (January - April), summer (May-July). 

Job Description

  • review offenses
  • counsel with participant about offense
  • prepare opening and closing statements
  • question witnesses
  • follow court room procedures and Teen Court rules

**Youth volunteer opportunity



Jurors must be 13-18 years old and currently enrolled in middle school or high school.  Jurors will listen to the facts of the case and make a determination on the number of community service hours each participant will receive.

Opportunities for juror are available each teen court session.

**Youth volunteer opportunity


Teen Court Judge

Volunteers who have an interest in judging teen court hearings are preferred to have training or experience in the judicial/legal field.  Judges will preside over the teen court hearings providing guidance to teen attorneys and jurors. 

**Adult volunteers opportunity





Tribunal Faciliator

Tribunals hearings consist of an adult facilitator and 3-6 member teen jury panel.  The participants pleads their case before the jury and the jury questions the participant.  The jury will decide the number of community service hours to be assigned.  Adult facilitators will maintain order during the hearing, encourage jury members to listen and ask questions, offer guidance when appropriate, complete teen court paperwork based on the outcome of the hearing. 

**Adult volunteers opportunity


Front Desk Clerk

The front desk clerk will be responsible for checking in participants, teen attorneys, jurors and adult volunteers. Front desk clerk will also check-out participants, ensure that they have all necessary paperwork and monitor participants in the waiting area. 

**Adult volunteer opportunity

Teen Attorney Trainer

Volunteers who have an interest in training teen attorneys are preferred to have training or experience in the judicial/legal field. Trainers will facilitate initial and on going training  for teen attorneys.  Trainers will also assist teen attorneys in preparing cases for hearings.  

**Adult volunteer opportunity


Jury Monitor / Floater

Jury Monitor/ floater volunteers will monitor teen attorneys during case preparation, call cases for hearings, review teen court forms with participants following hearings, assign jurors and facilitate jury deliberation.

**Adult volunteer opportunity