City of Fort Worth


Neighborhood Services

Thank you for your interest in volunteering with the City of Fort Worth Neighborhood Services Department.  We are currently not accepting applications.  Please check back with us once the COVID 19 virus threat has passed.  

If you are looking to serve during this state of emergency, please visit to discover ways to help.

General Interests

Andrew "Doc" Session Community Center


Andrew "Doc" Session Community Center

201 South Sylvania Avenue

Fort Worth, TX 76111


Reports to:   Linda Beltram

                      Community Center Supervisor

Como Community Center


Como Community Center

4900 Horne Street

Fort Worth, TX 76107


Reports to:   Clara Kirby

                       Community Center Supervisor

Martin Luther King Jr. Community Center


Martin Luther King Jr. Community Center

5565 Truman Drive

Fort Worth, TX 76112


Reports to:   Paula Jackson

                      Community Center Supervisor

North Tri-Ethnic Community Center


North Tri-Ethnic Community Center

2950 Roosevelt Avenue

Fort Worth, TX 76106


Reports to:   Arturo Mercado

                      Community Center Supervisor

Northside Community Center


Northside Community Center

1100 N.W. 18th Street

Fort Worth, TX 76164


Reports to:   Eric Lopez

                      Community Center Supervisor

Southside Community Center


Southside Community Center

959 East Rosedale Street

Fort Worth, TX 76104


Reports to:   Felicia Johnson

                      Community Center Supervisor

Worth Heights Community Center


Worth Heights Community Center

3551 New York Avenue

Fort Worth, TX 76110


Reports to:   Deierdre Jimerson

                      Community Center Supervisor