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Animal Care and Control

Volunteers must be at least 16 years old to volunteer with Fort Worth Animal Care & Control.


Volunteer with the Fort Worth Animal Shelter!


Want to make a difference? Join us!

There are so many ways to volunteer your time to help Fort Worth Animal Care and Control (FWACC). We could not save more than 90% of the pets who come through our doors annually without our incredible volunteer team. If you're passionate about helping people and pets, we have a "job" for you!

Volunteers are needed for almost everything we do, but our biggest volunteer needs are:

  • Adoption Matchmaker- help families find their perfect match among the 300 or more pets waiting at our shelter. 
  • Dog Enrichment Program - provide enrichment (in the form of toys, treats, and more) to pets in our care. Enrichment is critically important to help pets stay mentally and physically stimulated while they are in the confinement of a shelter.
  • Dog Walking- walk, socialize and train selected pets in our care that are most in need!
  • Paw-parazzi - help photograph the pets in our care waiting for their homes. By having clear, distinguishing photos showcasing the animals personality, it helps increase their adoptability and connect them with their new family.
  • Play Group Monitors - with over 300 dogs in our shelter on any given day, we rely on our play yard areas to help dogs get much needed exercise and enrichment in play groups. These volunteers help us monitor the yards and ensure the play groups are safe and fun for every dog involved.
  • Greeters - help potential adopters find their way around the shelter and meet adoptable cats and dogs
  • Off-Site Adoption Centers/Events - assist with adoption matchmaking, cleaning and greeting potential adopters at our two off-site adoption centers and off-site adoption events
  • General assistance with cleaning, laundry, dishes, and more!
  • Foster Volunteers - volunteering in our foster care program is an extremely rewarding opportunity for individuals and families. Our foster program allows pets that are too young for adoption, who are recovering from an illness or injury, or who are in need of other care to stay in private homes until they are ready to be adopted.

    Click here to learn more about our foster program.


Looking for group activities?

We love having volunteer groups visit us! We are able to accommodate groups of at least 5 but no more than 8 volunteers, all of whom must be at least 18 years old. We call this our “Day of Service Program”. Opportunities are available most Mondays-Sundays, and must be scheduled at least three weeks in advance. Scheduling is made on a first come, first-served basis. Please contact our volunteer coordinator, Melanie Pena @ be sure to include the preferred date, time, and names of volunteers in your email). 

By choosing to volunteer, you will have the opportunity to strengthen our great city by connecting with families, neighbors, and communities through service. Your help is very much appreciated by staff and the shelter pets - help us make a difference in your community!



General Interests

Adoption Matchmaker

Primarily assists customer service staff with customer service duties in either the lobby, dog kennels, or outside play yards/runs. This position is a support counseling role. All final adoption decisions are made by staff.

• Answers visitor questions and matches visitors to needed resources and services

• Informs visitors of behavioral and/or medical information, previous owner surrender notes on particular animals by accessing shelter database software. (Using shelter tablet. Kiosk or computers)

• Provides guidance on animals that are a good fit for the visitor’s household – pet matching

• Assists visitors with finding a staff member or Dog Walking volunteer to safely remove animal from the kennel for a meet and greet, if necessary

• Encourages foster or field trip/slumber party for potential adopters not yet ready to adopt


Required training: Volunteer orientation, Dog Handling class, Cat Handling class

Mobile Adoption Events

Promote FWACC’s mission and recruit volunteers, adopters, and donors at special events around town. Work at information tables and booths, hang out with adoptable animals and assist during the adoption process while appropriately representing FWACC. Depending on the event, dog walking, animal handling and pet and crate care may be needed. Locations vary across the city.

Requirements: Volunteer Orientation, Dog Handling class

PetSmart Volunteer

Walk, play and care for our dogs and cats at one of our Adoption Centers located at either PetSmart Hulen, Alliance, or Watauga. Volunteers may also answer questions from the public about adoptable animals. 

Paw-Parazzi Photo Volunteer

This volunteer position assists with photographing and writing quick bios for animals available for adoption. Having a good, clear picture of the animal as well as a biography about their personality drastically increases their chance at getting adopted quicker.  Volunteers in this position would:

• Work alongside Dog Program volunteers to walk, interact with and photograph adoptable dogs in the shelter

• Submit 2-3 pictures (a clear, front facing photo and an interactive photo) to shelter staff

• Submit a dog bio to the shelter staff, describing the animals observed likes, dislikes or personality traits


Requirements: Volunteer Orientation, Dog and/or Cat Handling class

Enrichment Volunteer

Assists with all aspects of the enrichment program at our shelter! The enrichment program is vital for helping animals in our care remain mentally and physically enriched while they wait for their new families. Enrichment volunteers are responsible for:

• Passing out approved toys and enrichment items to shelter animals

• Helping prep enrichment items for the next day

• Helping keep inventory of enrichment supplies

• Assist staff or behavior coordinator with dog training and/or play groups


Requirements: Ability to dedicate 1 hour every 1-2 weeks

Must attend volunteer orientation

Play Group Monitor Volunteer

• Assist staff members with running dogs to and from play group areas

• Assist staff members with supervising/monitoring play groups (not unattended)

• Supervising/monitoring play groups for small dogs, puppies and PG1 dogs

• Assist staff with gathering valuable information pertaining to dogs behavior in a group setting


Volunteers must be open and willing to learn, ability to work well without supervision. Must have the ability to document behaviors observed in yards on a log, and communicate openly with staff regarding animal behaviors observed.

Requirements: Volunteer Orientation, Dog Handling class

Remote Volunteer Opportunities

Wanting to volunteer but not able to come into the shelter? That's okay, we have plenty of remote volunteer opportunities! Our remote volunteers assist us with:

  • Answering online adoption applications
  • Helping onboard foster parents
  • Entering biographies and surrender form information to our software system
  • and much more!

Cat Socialization Volunteer

Calling all cat lovers! Socializing the cats in our care helps them to become more adoptable and improve their quality of life while they are at the shelter.

Requirements: Online Volunteer Orientation, Cat Handling class


No matter your level of expertise, whether you're interested in helping out for a day or wanting a more long-term commitment, the Forestry Section has a volunteer opportunity for you. 

Volunteer workdays at the Tree Farm projects can vary by season, but often include transplanting trees into containers; planting in the tree fields; weeding; staking and trying trees; and organizing the tree inventory. Bring your family, friends, co-workers and fellow tree enthusiasts. Rain or shine, we'll be here with something to do for every physical activity level. 

General Interests

Graffiti Abatement

Information On Our Volunteer Projects

Graffiti Scavenger Hunts, Sign Up Today!

Scroll down or click continue for more information! 

Our graffiti scavenger hunts are designed for individuals and larger groups who would like to volunteer with us. The group for the day will be split into two or three smaller groups and from there search for graffiti within Downtown Fort Worth.

You will be given a guideline of popular locations and asked to log these locations in the MyFW app. Doing so will assist our team with the actual coordinates of the graffiti, for quick removal the next day.

To help reduce and discourage criminal defacement of private and public property and make Fort Worth an even more beautiful community.

In this very visible role, you’ll attack graffiti by reporting graffiti locations in the myFW app. You will be walking around Downtown Fort Worth searching for graffiti in the area, we will give you a few clues and locations to get you started. Once you find a location you will use the myFW app to document the graffiti. At the end of your scavenger hunt, we will tally all findings and determine a winner. 

The starting location for all scavenger hunts will be in front of the Chisholm Trail Mural near the Starbucks in Sundance Square (141 W 3rd St, Fort Worth, TX 76102). Throughout the duration of the scavenger hunt, you will be walking in different areas downtown, by the end of your hunt, you will meet back at our starting location.

Our scavenger hunts are a self-guided volunteer opportunity. Your host will meet you at the beginning of the hunt and will be on-site when you finish. If you are needing any assistance throughout your volunteer day, you will be given an on-site number to call.  

Time Frame
Typically a 2 to 4-hour shift. 


  • Are okay with outdoor activities.
  • If you are under the age of 18 you might be accompanied by an adult.
  • Must download the MyFW app to your personal cell phone. Click here to download the myFW App
  • Must wear comfortable shoes for walking. 

Graffiti Goes Green, Sign Up Today!

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A graffiti-going green project is designed for individuals and groups who would like to volunteer with us. Volunteers will plant ivy against a heavily tagged wall within a park or similar location in Fort Worth. By planting the ivy, the goal is for ivy to grow up the wall, and deter from graffiti being tagged or visible in the area.

To help reduce and discourage criminal defacement of private and public property and make Fort Worth an even more beautiful community. With this eco-friendly method, we can use our volunteer program resources to create viable and effective natural graffiti barriers. 

n this very visible role, you’ll attack graffiti by planting ivy to grow up a heavily tagged wall. On the day of your project, you will prep the area and plant the starter ivy to grow up the wall. You might also be planting additional plants or flowers to beautify the area.  

Before your project, you will be sent the location via email. Some projects are only at one location, depending on the size of the area, but others could be at several different locations, transportation is required for this project.

Time Frame
Typically a 1 to 2-hour shift. 


  • Are okay with outdoor activities.
  • If you are under the age of 16 you must be accompanied by an adult. 
  • May be required to carry heavy materials such as shovels and dirt. 
  • Must have transportation in case we visit several sites throughout the day. 
  • Must wear closed-toed shoes and clothing for gardening. 

Keep Fort Worth Beautiful

Keep Fort Worth Beautiful (KFWB) is an award-winning affiliate of Keep America Beautiful and Keep Texas Beautiful that has served our community for more than 40 years. Our mission is to educate and engage Fort Worth residents and businesses to take responsibility for improving their community environment.

KFWB has three goals:

  • End Littering
  • Improve Recycling
  • Beautify Communities

We encourage all residents, businesses and visitors to become a volunteer to help prevent litter and make a difference in our community!

If you have any questions, please contact us at  OR our website for more information:

General Interests

Volunteer-Led Cleanups

These flexible volunteer opportunities are for all individuals and groups who want to clean litter and have a positive impact on their community. They are also great for organizations who are looking for a day of service project. We provide free supplies to anyone cleaning litter in a public space in Fort Worth. All ages and abilities welcome!

Nature Center & Refuge

Whether you enjoy being outdoors, learning more about the native plants and wildlife, sharing your love of nature with visitors of all ages, or caring for non-releasable education animals, we would love to find a way for you to make your mark at the Fort Worth Nature Center & Refuge.

Volunteer Opportunities

Neighborhood Services

General Interests

Andrew "Doc" Session Community Center


Andrew "Doc" Session Community Center

201 South Sylvania Avenue

Fort Worth, TX 76111


Reports to:   Community Center Supervisor

Como Community Center


Como Community Center

4900 Horne Street

Fort Worth, TX 76107


Reports to:   Community Center Supervisor

Martin Luther King Jr. Community Center


Martin Luther King Jr. Community Center

5565 Truman Drive

Fort Worth, TX 76112


Reports to:  Community Center Supervisor

North Tri-Ethnic Community Center


North Tri-Ethnic Community Center

2950 Roosevelt Avenue

Fort Worth, TX 76106


Reports to:  Community Center Supervisor

Northside Community Center


Northside Community Center

1100 N.W. 18th Street

Fort Worth, TX 76164


Reports to:  Community Center Supervisor

Southside Community Center


Southside Community Center

959 East Rosedale Street

Fort Worth, TX 76104


Reports to:   Community Center Supervisor

Worth Heights Community Center


Worth Heights Community Center

3551 New York Avenue

Fort Worth, TX 76110


Reports to:  Community Center Supervisor

Park and Recreation

General Interests





General volunteer opportunities for aquatics.

Central District Operations


Central District Operations

2901 Crestline Road

Fort Worth, TX 76107


East District Park Operations


East District Park Operations

2300 Avenue H

Fort Worth, TX 76105

Fire Station Community Center

Meadowbrook Golf Course


Meadowbrook Golf Course

1815 Jenson Road

Fort Worth, TX 76112

Phone: 817-392-6191

Mobile Recreation Program


Mobile Recreation Program

1601 Lipscomb Street

Fort Worth, TX 76104


Reports to:  

Sandra Medina

Program Coordinator

North District Park Operations


North District Park Operations

1700 Brennan Avenue

Fort Worth, TX 76106

Park Research and Assessment


Casino Beach Park Sign

The City of Fort Worth Park & Recreation Department is creating individual webpages for each of the 290+ parks in the city. We’d like to include history, natural features & iNaturalist info on each park’s webpage. We are seeking volunteers to help us with the following:


  • Research & compile history for specific parks (history of previous owners, location within community, archaeology of site, etc.)
  • Compile natural history information (flora, fauna, soils, geology, etc.)
  • Points of interest at each park
  • Continue adding iNat observations
  • Take quality photos of significant features of each park
  • A field component for assessing the park will be phase 2 of the program.


Registration & online training is required.

Reports to:
Michelle Villafranca

Pecan Valley Golf Course


Pecan Valley Golf Course

6400 Pecan Valley Drive

Fort Worth, TX 76132

Phone: 817-392-6490

Rockwood Golf Course


Rockwood Golf Course

1851 Jacksboro Highway

Fort Worth, TX 76114

Phone: 817-392-6560

South District Park Operations


South District Park Operations

5199 James Avenue

Fort Worth, TX 76115

Sycamore Youth Athletic Center


Sycamore Youth Athletic Center

2525 East Rosedale Avenue

Fort Worth, TX 76105


Water Gardens


Water Gardens

1502 Commerce Street

Fort Worth, TX 76102


Reports to:  

David Shoffit - Asst Field Ops Supervisor                              

John Langevin - Gardener

West District Park Operations


West District Park Operations

7151 Calmont Avenue

Fort Worth, TX 76116


Reports to:  

Doug Herron

Asst Field Ops Supervisor


Police Department - Citizens on Patrol

           Thank you for your interest in Citizens on Patrol (COP)

Citizens on Patrol volunteers act as additional "eyes and ears" for the Fort Worth Police Department, within neighborhoods. Citizens volunteer time to actively patrol their neighborhoods to watch for and report suspicious and/or criminal activity. They receive training involving vehicle, bicycle, and foot patrol and the use of their radio. Volunteers choose the days and times they wish to patrol and they adhere to no fixed schedule.  


General Interests

Police Department - Community Emergency Response Team (CERT)

Teen Court

Fort Worth Teen Court

Teen Court is a voluntary program that allows teens to perform community service and jury duty in lieu of paying fines for citations received from the City of Fort Worth. Successful completion of Teen Court results in dismissal of the citation and a clean record. Participants plead their case before a teen jury, the members of which then determine the appropriate community service hours to be performed within a three-month period.

Youth and adult volunteers are essential to the success of Teen Court. 

Youth volunteers are required to be 13 to 18 years old.  Youth can volunteers as jurors or teen attorneys.  Volunteering as a teen attorney or a juror is a great opportunity for young people to increase their knowledge of the judicial system, develop critical thinking, improve decision making skills and provide service to the community. All volunteer hours will be logged and can be applied toward college admission and scholarship requirements.

Adult volunteers will facilitate and monitor hearings and assist with paper work. Volunteers with experience or training in the judicial/legal field are needed to assist with training teen attorneys and to preside as judges for Teen Court hearings. 

Adult volunteers will see the positive impact the program has on teen volunteers and youth referred to the program. They will witness young people find their voice, develop confidence and learn the importance of being accountable for their actions. 

Teen Court meets on Tuesday evenings from 5pm to 7:30pm at the A.D. Marshall Public Safety & Courts Building in Downtown Fort Worth.  We are able to accommodate volunteers looking for long term, short term and occasional opportunities.  Thank you for your interest in Teen Court. Hope to be working with you soon!


General Interests

Teen Attorney

Teen Attorneys must be 13-18 years old and currently enrolled in middle school or high school.  Teen Attorneys are required to make at least a one semester commitment, fall (August-December), spring (January - April), summer (May-July). 

Job Description

  • review offenses
  • counsel with participant about offense
  • prepare opening and closing statements
  • question witnesses
  • follow court room procedures and Teen Court rules

**Youth volunteer opportunity



Jurors must be 13-18 years old and currently enrolled in middle school or high school.  Jurors will listen to the facts of the case and make a determination on the number of community service hours each participant will receive.

Opportunities for juror are available each teen court session.

**Youth volunteer opportunity


Teen Court Judge

Volunteers who have an interest in judging teen court hearings are preferred to have training or experience in the judicial/legal field.  Judges will preside over the teen court hearings providing guidance to teen attorneys and jurors. 

**Adult volunteers opportunity





Tribunal Faciliator

Tribunals hearings consist of an adult facilitator and 3-6 member teen jury panel.  The participants pleads their case before the jury and the jury questions the participant.  The jury will decide the number of community service hours to be assigned.  Adult facilitators will maintain order during the hearing, encourage jury members to listen and ask questions, offer guidance when appropriate, complete teen court paperwork based on the outcome of the hearing. 

**Adult volunteers opportunity


Front Desk Clerk

The front desk clerk will be responsible for checking in participants, teen attorneys, jurors and adult volunteers. Front desk clerk will also check-out participants, ensure that they have all necessary paperwork and monitor participants in the waiting area. 

**Adult volunteer opportunity

Teen Attorney Trainer

Volunteers who have an interest in training teen attorneys are preferred to have training or experience in the judicial/legal field. Trainers will facilitate initial and on going training  for teen attorneys.  Trainers will also assist teen attorneys in preparing cases for hearings.  

**Adult volunteer opportunity


Jury Monitor / Floater

Jury Monitor/ floater volunteers will monitor teen attorneys during case preparation, call cases for hearings, review teen court forms with participants following hearings, assign jurors and facilitate jury deliberation.

**Adult volunteer opportunity