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Adopt-A-Street (DOT)

Adopt A Street Program

Thank you for your willingness to participate in our Adopt a Street Program. Unfortunately we do not have the resources currently to entertain your request. We do not have an active Volunteer Program. If in the future the status of thhis program changes you will be notified. We apologize for any inconvenience.This program was started to allow citizen of the City San Jose the opportunity to adopt and actually maintain a City owned parcel. This would consist of cleaning up the area (Your Parcel Adopted) by picking up litter and debris, weeding, trimming of shrubs and bushes, raking of leaves. Log in hours and the amount of debris collected into the Volunteer 2 Database.

All Access Sports and Recreation and Mayfair Community Center

1) Therapeutic Programs at Mayfair

Helping with programs for people with disabilities.

Mayfair Special Events

Anti-Graffiti / Anti-Litter Programs

Litter Pick-Up

Remove Graffiti

Community Center - Camden

General Interests

Senior Nutrition Program

Community Center - Roosevelt

General Interests

Library--Educational Park Branch


Partners in Reading, San Jose Public Library


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