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Victoria Airport Authority

Mission Statement

Victoria International Airport: To be the best airport anywhere!

Red Coat:  To assist airport users in obtaining the highest possible level of customer service while supporting the image of Victoria.

Victoria Airport Authority (VAA) is proud of the men and women who graciously volunteer their time to serve as Red Coat Airport Ambassadors. Named after their bright red blazers, the Red Coats provide invaluable assistance and hospitality to the travelling public and visitors by answering questions and providing assistance wherever they can. They are responsible for basic customer services including greeting travellers, assisting with directions and area information, ground transportation questions and basic flight information.

As a volunteer-based program, participants do not receive compensation.  Being a Red Coat volunteer does come with some benefits and the satisfaction of helping many passengers every day.  Volunteers receive complimentary parking, annual recognition events, tenure service recognition and the fun of being part of a group of volunteers with similar interests.

General Interests