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Rainbow Health Cooperative

Mission Statement

We are a community owned and operated - not for profit health co-operative. We are chartered under the laws of British Columbia. We are trans-centric and queer-inclusive.  Our focus is helping gender non-conforming / trans (gnc/t) people. Our principle service is to support gnc/t groups in all areas and build a common network between them that is owned and managed by them. Where no group exists, we help the community start one. We believe it vital to our wellbeing to:

  • Be informed about our health and our choices regarding it
  • Develop communities of self-care where we assist each other in our common wellness
  • Represent ourselves collectively with organizations that provide services to the gnc/t community.

We accomplish this by developing and sharing knowledge about informed service providers, caring for each other in peer support groups, and advocating on health issues through our membership in a common organization. Our co-op makes our voices one. We use government support when we can get it, but are never dependent on it

We have a seven member board who represent the five regional health regions, a First Nations board member, and a one elected separately by our groups. Each director is elected by Co-op members of the region or community they represent. The following information is about how our co-op groups work and explains how you get started to register a new group.

General Interests