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TIRZ 3 was created in 2007 through Ordinance 1667 which established an 839.4-acre zone adjacent to State Highway 6 on the west and US Highway 90 on the south that is set to expire 2038. TIRZ 3 has a five-member board inclusive of (4) City appointees, and (1) Fort Bend County appointee.

Participating entities in the zone include the City of Sugar Land contributing 50% of the tax increment generated by property taxes above the base value of $5,602,490.  Fort Bend County contributes 50% of the tax increment generated by property taxes above the base value of $11,757,620. The purpose of TIRZ 3 is to facilitate a program of public improvements to allow the development and redevelopment of property in the Zone as a mixed-use community. Included in the redevelopment plans are the preservation and reuse of certain historic structures at the Imperial Sugar site and the location of a museum to house Imperial Sugar artifacts. A Tri-Party Funding Agreement between the City, TIRZ 3 and the Imperial Redevelopment District (IRD) authorized the District to implement TIRZ expenditures on the zone’s behalf. IRD meetings are held the third Thursday of every month with more information provided here: /133/Imperial-Redevelopment-District

TIRZ 3 meetings are held the second Wednesday in March, June, September and December

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