City of Bend


City of Bend Administrative Services/General Volunteer Interest

Greeters and Ambassadors

Greeting and directing walk-in customers at City Hall, maintaining kiosks and perform other tasks as needed.

Greeting and leading field trips at the Bend Municipal Airport.

During events, Ambassadors can provide valuable information to the public about our community.


Clerical, Technical and Professional Services

An opportunity for individuals or businesses to offer assistance, maintain or learn new skills, and network in professional circles of interest. 


Special Events

The City often needs help with its Special Events. Some of these events may be small, like ice cream socials or First Friday, however the city may hold very large scale events needing photographers, greeters, folks to help with informational displays, etc. 


Emergency Volunteers

In the event of a disaster, communities depend heavily on volunteers to assist in a variety of important roles including evacuation, First Aid, emergency shelter assistance, etc. 


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City of Bend Fire Department

Protecting lives and supporting our community with compassion, professionalism, and teamwork.

Bend Fire Department, along with its counterpart Deschutes County Rural Fire Protection District #2, is the largest fire department in Central Oregon. Covering a large majority of Deschutes County with fire and medical coverage, the department responds to over 10,800 calls for service annually.



Protecting lives and supporting our community with compassion, professionalism, and teamwork.


Honorable in our conduct ~ Loyal to our mission ~ Trusted by our community


It is expected that we will risk our safety to save the life of a fellow human being.

With calculated safety precautions, we may risk our safety to protect savable property.

We will not risk our safety for life or property that is clearly lost.


Resilience ~ Integrity ~ Compassion ~ Respect ~ Optimism ~ Humility



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City of Bend Operations: Streets and Operations, Utilities and Airport

You Do Make A Difference!

The Bend Beautification Program is an opportunity for volunteers to improve the esthetics of Bend Oregon by adopting a stretch of road or a plot of land and improving its appearance through litter pickup, weeding and sometimes, planting new vegetation.

This program allows service clubs, private individuals, church groups, Neighborhood Associations and other groups an opportunity to help remove roadside litter and noxious weeds and provide landscape maintenance.

Public Works staff identifies sections of roadways that can be designated as safe and eligible for volunteer maintenance and develop a safety program to instruct groups on proper roadside safety procedures including signage, protective safety vest use, and procedures for the safe handling of potentially hazardous materials. The City of Bend will provide all safety signs, safety vests, trash bags and haul the debris to the landfill.

Find out about how to participate in this successful and rewarding volunteer litter and weed control program in your community.

City of Bend Streets and Operations Department

City of Bend Streets Preservation Projects: YouTube video

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City of Bend Operations: Growth Mgmt., Engineering, Infrastructure Planning, Community Development

The Growth Management Department brings together the city’s long range planning and transportation staff to identify and manage projects of a long-term nature including land use, public facility and transportation planning.

The Statewide Planning Program requires cities like Bend to provide close coordination between planning for urbanization (Goal 14) and planning for transportation (Goal 12).  One of the purposes for doing this is that cities in Metropolitan Planning Organizations (MPO) like Bend need to reduce vehicular use, not only by increasing the use of alternative modes of travel, but also by encouraging a mix of land uses whereby creating walkable developments.

City of Bend Growth Management


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City of Bend Police Department

The City of Bend Police department is a state-accredited agency that meets the best practices for excellence in law enforcement. We are a community based agency committed to the highest standards of ethical behavior, safeguarding the quality of life that makes Bend a great place to live, work and play.

The City of Bend Police Department has a variety of opportunities for people who wish to volunteer their time to help enhance the quality of life in Bend, as well as gain experience or learn new job skills at the same time.

Volunteers who relieve field officers from tasks that can be handled by trained civilians.  This includes Disabled Parking Enforcement, Special Events, Mail/Courier, Speed Watch, Abandoned Vehicles, Safety Fairs, Administration Aid, Courtesy Assignments. 


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