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Keeping Us Together

Keeping Us Together

This parenting program helps mums and dads in custody develop their parenting skills and build positive, healthy relationships with their children.

Keeping Us Together uses the evidenced-based parenting program Bringing Up Great Kids to help mums and dads reflect on their own childhoods and what may have influenced on their parenting, understand their children’s brain development, emotions and behaviors, and build their confidence in parenting.

After several group workshops, mums and dads are able to put what they’ve learnt into practice through our prison visits program (COVID-19 permitting).

The focus of the sessions is to build parent’s skills and confidence so they can strengthen their relationship with their child and improve communication.

This program includes 12 hours of in-custody support (6 sessions of 2 hours).

Who is it for?

Mums and dads in custody

Prison In-Visits Program

Prison Visits

This program provides support to children when they visit their parent in prison. The program helps lessen the often difficult experience of visiting family in prison, where emotions can be strained.

Designed to develop stronger bonds between the child and their parent in prison, the children are given a safe space in the visits room set up with toys and activities where they can play with other kids in a similar situation.

While the child is having fun, the parents and carers have time to talk without having to keep an eye on their child. When children enjoy the experience, the connection between parent and child is strengthened.

The program is run by one of our qualified and experienced child care workers along with our trained volunteers.

Who is it for?

For children and their parents and carers visiting a prison, as well as parent in prison.

Child & Parent Days

Child and Parent Days

These unique days are an opportunity for a parent in prison to spend quality time with their children without other family members present.

During the four hours together within the prison, the parent gets to connect with their children in a more relaxed way than a regular prison visit. They can move about the space and enjoy time together playing games, making craft and eating lunch without the other carer present. These activity days are held during school holidays.

Parents in prison must gain approval from their Correctional Centre to attend a Child and Parent day. Applications open about 10 weeks before the day as there is a strict approval process to go through. Look out for the brochure and poster with details of the event and how to apply in the wings and visiting areas of the Correctional Centre.

Sometimes, grandchildren, nieces or nephews may be able to go if there has been a close relationship with their relative. Again, you must get approval from the Correctional Centre through the formal application process.

Let your loved one know that they need to contact their coordinator in prison if interested.

Who is it for?

Parents in prison who have approval from their Correctional Centre

Where is it?

In the prison area – generally in an outdoor recreational space or indoors in one of the larger recreational areas at some Correctional Centres.

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