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Child & Family Centres

Child and Family Centres

Visiting a prison can be a daunting experience for anyone. Our Child and Family Centres provide a welcoming child friendly place for families and children to drop in when visiting their loved one.

Parents, carers and family can drop in to one of our centres to have a cup of tea and relax before or after visiting family in prison. Visitors can use the time at the centre to speak with staff or share their problems and challenges with other parents and carers.

Children can also enjoy this time to play or make friends with other children. This time can help build a child’s confidence and self-esteem while also helping them to feel more relaxed about visiting their parent. Parents can also leave their children at the centre if they don’t require supervision.

Families new to the prison system often have no idea of what to expect or how the process works. During a drop in, we can explain how we can help them in other ways or provide referrals to relevant community agencies. Families leave feeling more at ease and with a better understanding of what assistance is available.

We also partner with various food charities, depending on the location, who often deliver food supplies to the centre for pick up by parents and carers for home if needed.

Who is it for?

Parents and carers and their families can take advantage of the drop-in program before or after their prison visit.

Where is it?

Our Child and Family Centres at Correctional Centres operate within the grounds of some Correctional Centres (usually a cottage in or near the car park). Activities vary depending on the centre.

Prison In-Visits Program

Prison Visits

This program provides support to children when they visit their parent in prison. The program helps lessen the often difficult experience of visiting family in prison, where emotions can be strained.

Designed to develop stronger bonds between the child and their parent in prison, the children are given a safe space in the visits room set up with toys and activities where they can play with other kids in a similar situation.

While the child is having fun, the parents and carers have time to talk without having to keep an eye on their child. When children enjoy the experience, the connection between parent and child is strengthened.

The program is run by one of our qualified and experienced child care workers along with our trained volunteers.

Who is it for?

For children and their parents and carers visiting a prison, as well as parent in prison.

Supported Transport

Supported Transport, ACT

SHINE for Kids has a vehicle that can provide transport to children, young people and their families/carers who don’t have another way of getting to the AMC to visit their parent in custody. This program is specifically targeted to children and young people who would otherwise not be able to maintain contact with their parent during incarceration. The program ensures child and parent bond is maintained and the child is supported during a difficult time in their life.

Who is it for?

Children and families needing free and easy transport and support to make visits to their loved ones in custody.

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