The Salvation Army - Cape Girardeau Worship and Community Center

Emergency Disaster Services

Local Officers

A local officer is a Salvation Army soldier appointed to a position of responsibility and authority in a corps. a local officer carries out the duties of the appointment without being separated from the regular employment or receiving remuneration from the Army. 

Local Officer Requirements:

  • Enrolled as a Salvation Army Soldier 
  • Background Check
  • Proficiency in leadership roll

Meal Program

The Salvation Army Corps Community Center offers a community meal every week on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Anyone is welcome for a free meal and some comradery. Our prayers are to see new friendships made through sharing a meal and playing some friendly yet competitive games. Social interaction is a vital aspect of mental and physical health. Please consider helping us help others in our community. 

Property Maintenance

Property maintenance is key to a welcoming atmosphere that invites other to gather here at The Salvation Army Corps Community Center. We view proper maintenance and upkeep as a special duty that honors the resources God has provided to us. 

[Job Overview] Property Maintenance Volunteer

[Responsibilities and Duties]



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