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Mayor's Mentors 2.0

Mayor's Mentors 2.0

Grand Prairie Mayor Ron Jensen is kicking off an initiative in partnership with Big Brothers Big Sisters (BBBS).  The program, called Mayor’s Mentors 2.0, seeks Grand Prairie residents to volunteer to be Big Brothers or Big Sisters through the BBBS organization.

There are 60 students at Grand Prairie High School waiting for a mentor. It could be you! 


Here is why mentoring with Big Brothers Big Sisters is the best choice for you:



We offer 3 programs to best fit your lifestyle and schedule.


We take the time to get to know you so we know what will work best for you in your match. We also interview the Littles to ensure everyone wants to make the most of their match time.


Every match has a BBBS professional with it every step of the way. We are there if you have questions about signing up or the enrollment process and stand by you throughout your match and give you ideas, guidance, and help with making your match a success.


Changing the trajectory of a life is shockingly simple. Our one-to-one mentoring programs are proven to improve Littles’ attitudes towards risky behavior, their scholastic competency and self-esteem.


Your next step is to fill out one of the applications below. **Application links will direct you to BBBS sites.





A Mentor is paired with a high school student in the law enforcement pathway at Grand Prairie High School, and he/she mentors through our online platform, complemented with fun in-person group events or meeting on your own with your student at least once a month. 


What do the matches talk about? For the online component, we provide a prompt focused on career and future exploration that you both look over and then discuss electronically.


Mentor2.0 is more flexible on the mentor’s schedule and designed to help students graduate high school prepared for the future.

To become a mentor2.0 Mentor:

  1. Complete Application
  2. Complete your mentor2.0 Consent Forms
  3. Complete Pre-Match Training **Please select the Mentor2.0 Training
  4. Enrollment Interview
  5. Meet your Mentee!



A Big meets with a school-aged Little two to four times a month throughout the school year during a non-core class, extended lunch break or after school. We have partnered with David Daniels Elementary School in GPISD and there are 10 kids waiting for a mentor!


Bigs and Littles work on homework together, play games, enjoy recess or simply share stories with one another. 


Site Based is perfect for people who have busy nights and weekends but have a bit of flexibility during their lunch hour or early afternoon.

To become a Site Based Big:

  1. Complete Application
  2. Complete Pre-Match Training **Please select the Site Based Training
  3. Enrollment Interview
  4. Meet Your Little!


A Big is matched with a Little, aged 7 – 14, with a commitment to see each other a couple of hours, two to four times a month.  

What do matches do? You spend time in your community and plan outings together. We are about sharing time rather than creating time. You can go to the park, community events, run errands or going to the library, or work towards a goal together like running a 5k or learning a new skill.

Matches spend time together in the local community and plan their own outings.

To become a Community Based Big:

  1. Complete Application
  2. Complete Pre-Match Training **Please select the Community Based Training
  3. Enrollment Interview
  4. Meet Your Little!


You can learn more about these programs by visiting


Thanks for taking the first step toward making a difference in the life of a child!

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