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General Interests

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City of Burnaby - Burnaby Village Museum

General Interests


BVM Collection

Collections volunteers help the Museum to continually digitize our ephemera collection (brochures, certificates, postcards, paper records) and refine information in our database. This work involves using a scanner and editing Excel spreadsheets. This work is best suited to volunteers with attention to detail, passion for accuracy and an temperament for repetition. Volunteers receive direction from the Assistant Curator.


Under the direction of the Conservator, volunteers repair, maintain and sometimes operate vintage cars from the Museum’s collection. This category also includes volunteers who repair, maintain and sometimes operate steam equipment and mechanized musical instruments.


Costumed Interpretation

Costumed Interpreters assist on site when the Museum is open to the general public, usually from May-September and November through to early January.  Volunteers dress in costume and are usually stationed in homes and businesses in the Village. They make visitors feel welcome and engage them in learning through informal conversations. These volunteers may also lead interpretive activities for the general public.


Under the direction of the Assistant Curator, research volunteers conduct collections-based research online, related to objects in the collections storage and in the Village. 

School Programs


School Program Volunteers are trained to give specific set programs, which are designed to complement the BC curriculum. School programs generally run September-November and January-April. School Program Volunteers dress in costume, lead school children and ESL

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City of Burnaby - Citizen Support Services

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Phone seniors for their weekly grocery shopping list

Shop by Phone volunteers contact their assigned client(s) on a weekly basis to take their grocery order over the phone.  The grocery order form is emailed into Citizen Support Services and the shoppers take it from there!   

Visit with isolated housebound seniors

Volunteer Visitors provide a friendly visit once a week with a Burnaby senior.  Visits are 1-1/2 hours and can be in the clients home, or out in the community.

Support new moms in Baby Cuddle Program


Volunteers visit new mothers to provide compassionate support and a welcomed break by helping feed, soothe or play with baby.



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City of Burnaby - Recreation: Bonsor Seniors 55+

City of Burnaby - Recreation: Preschool, Children & Community

Current Volunteer Opportunities - Select 2 only

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City of Burnaby - Recreation: Arena Services

Current Volunteer Opportunities

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City of Burnaby - Recreation: Edmonds Seniors 55+

Current Volunteer Opportunities


Assist with running a bingo program. Training will be provided.

Food Service

Prepare and serve meals, snacks or coffee to members at the seniors centre.

In The Kitchen


Photographer is taking pictures at special events with their own or centre's camera. Events are usually on weekdays at lunchtime, or early afternoons.


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City of Burnaby - Shadbolt Centre for the Arts

Volunteer Opportunities

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