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City of Burnaby - Burnaby Art Gallery

General Interests

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City of Burnaby - Burnaby Village Museum

General Interests



Working as part of the Burnaby Village Museum camps team, volunteers ensure that children ages 5-12 gain an appreciation of the Museum and local history. Camps usually run at Spring Break and during July and August. Camp Volunteers meet and greet participants and interact with children throughout the day. Camp Volunteers prepare and assist with crafts and participate in games and other heritage activities. Volunteers may be asked to work with individual participants or with groups of children.

Costumed Interpretation

Costumed Interpreters assist on site when the Museum is open to the general public, usually from May-September and November through to early January.  Volunteers dress in costume and are usually stationed in homes and businesses in the Village. They make visitors feel welcome and engage them in learning through informal conversations. These volunteers may also lead interpretive activities for the general public.

School Programs


School Program Volunteers are trained to give specific set programs, which are designed to complement the BC curriculum. School programs generally run September-November and January-April. School Program Volunteers dress in costume, lead school children and ESL

Special Events

Special Event Volunteers may be asked to lead children’s crafts, run heritage games, and welcome and orient visitors to the site. Special Event Volunteers also work behind the scenes to prepare craft and heritage activities.

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City of Burnaby - Citizen Support Services

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Support new moms in Baby Cuddle Program


Volunteers visit new mothers to provide compassionate support and a welcomed break by helping feed, soothe or play with baby.



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City of Burnaby - Recreation & Cultural Services: Camps and Playgrounds

General Interests

1B. South East Area Camps & Playgrounds

Camps:  Byrne Creek Outdoor Camp at Ron McLean Park

Playgrounds: Cariboo Park, Ron McLean Park

Program Coordinator: 

Brett Boland 604-297-4831

1G. Camp Madawaska


Warner Loat Park - Camp Madawaska

Program Coordinator: Laurie Bedford


1P. Outdoor Recreation

Opportunities include:

Spring Break and Summer Camps Monday - Friday

1 day Pro D Day Camps

1 day per week canoeing day camps in the summer

Program Coordinator:  Jamie Barber 604-294-7224


2A. Preschool Age group 3 - 5 years

Assist Leaders in organizing activities for Preschool aged children.

2B. Children Age group 6 - 12 years

Assist Leaders in organizing activities for school age children.

2C. Playgrounds

Assist a Leader in organizing activities for children in local parks and playgrounds.

2D. Recreation Centres

Assist Leaders in organizing activities for children's programs at a recreation centre.

2F. Sports Camps

Assist Leaders in organizing sport activities at summer camps.

2G. Art Camps

Assist Leaders in organizing arts & crafts.

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City of Burnaby - Recreation: Preschool, Children & Community

Current Volunteer Opportunities - Select 2 only

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City of Burnaby - Recreation: Edmonds Seniors 55+

Current Volunteer Opportunities

Food Service

Prepare and serve meals, snacks or coffee to members at the seniors centre.

In The Kitchen

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