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General Interests

Art Programs Workshop Assistant

Set up and cleanup for hands-on arts programs for children or adults, assisting instructor and participants with art projects. Able to interact with children, seniors and/or adults in a positive and encouraging way.

This is a great opportunity for people who are interested in art making and would like to get more experience working with a professional artist instructor. 


Exhibit Preparation Assistant

Assists with tasks related to developing exhibitions- generally on a short project basis. Assists with framing and preparation of artwork, photography and documentation, assists with installing and removing parts of an exhibition and other assorted work with the gallery preparator or other gallery staff.

Special Events and Receptions

Assists with gallery special events/exhibition openings and programs, or occasional weekday art programs including room set up, food preparation that includes cutting and displaying food, tea or drinks preparation, hosting, serving and taking stats of patrons. 

Tour Guide for School Groups

Includes working with an instructor to lead a guided tour of part of the current exhibit. Gives tours to a class or group of children, teens or adults, assists with preparation and cleanup of art materials, assists instructor and students during art activity. Participates in tour training and is responsible for understanding and being able to communicate the tour content for each exhibit.

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