Action for Children


* Wigan FIP

Our Vision

Action for Children’s Intensive Family Support in Wigan is a voluntary service that will offer an intensive level of parenting and family support to help make positive changes to family life.

By working with the whole family, IFS is committed to improving the quality of relationships between parents/carers and children and also the wider family.


IFS workers can provide practical and emotional support in a range of settings where families feel comfortable and safe, for example, Children’s Centres, Schools, Health Centres as well as their own homes.


We work with families at the times they may need that extra support; this may involve working outside of normal working hours


We’re looking for volunteers who would like to enhance the service offered to service users by supporting project staff with their direct work with parents, children and young people.


You will get opportunities to build effective working relationships with service users of all ages and support them in making positive changes. This may include supporting attendance at medical appointments, accessing activities in the local area or attending appointments. Our volunteers can use their own skills in engaging service users in activities through various mediums such as sport, cooking, arts and crafts.

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Volunteering Opportunities

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