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Mission Statement

Hackney Young Carers

Young carers are children and young people who are the main carers of a relative with a long-term illness or disability. Estimates of the number of young carers in the UK vary between 15,000 and 50,000. Young carers can face serious caring responsibilities - as well as the daily tasks they complete for their parents such as housework, cooking and bathing, they live with the added pressure of school and, often, a lack of understanding from schoolmates.

Hackney Young Carers project provides respite from these responsibilities, and gives the young carers (aged 5-18) a space to reconnect with their childhood as well as a support group of others in similar situations so they do not feel as isolated. We currently work with approximately 200 families with young carers, offering:


  • support, information and advice
  • recreational breaks
  • a befriending service
  • individual advice and support
  • the opportunity to meet other carers
  • regular trips and activities
  • therapeutic support
  • School support groups


This has had a significant impact on the quality of life of many of these young people, with improvements being seen in their behaviour, academic achievements, mental health and even in the general family unit.

We constantly need volunteers to help support activities and groups and even in mentoring and admin roles! If interested, please apply via Better Impact.

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