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Fringe Festival Host Team


The Fringe also needs volunteers who can provide a spare bed to visiting Artists!


As a Host, you would be asked to provide an out-of-town artist guest with a sleeping area, a bed of some kind, access to bathroom facilities and key for the duration of the Festival. That's it. As a host, you are not expected to be a hotel or bed and breakfast.

Hosting is easy and it allows you to make significant contribution without making demands on your time. Although the Hosting team does not operate like most of the other teams (we do not work shifts during the Fringe), we are gregarious, fun-loving bunch of people who have a good time meeting and getting to know their guest artists and each other through the Fringe season.


Have questions about the Duties or Requirements for this team? Get in touch! The Fringe Staff want to ensure you have the most fun and satisfying volunteer experience possible. Send us an email at or call us at 780.409.1922  to talk through the possibilities, to discuss your needs, your skills, any possible modifications and your favourite activities to find the perfect team for you!

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