Ankeny Community School District

Westwood Elementary School

1st Grade Field Trip

Home - Des Moines Playhouse

This year, all 1st graders will be going to the Des Moines Playhouse to see a performance of Go Dog Go. We are looking for 2 parent/guardian volunteers for each of the 5 classrooms to ride the bus, support a small group of students during the play, and help students get back onto the bus at the conclusion of the show.

Please sign up if you are interested in this opportunity. Teachers will select two volunteers to be assigned to the field trip. If you do not see a teacher's name, the volunteers have already been assigned and the posting has locked.

Volunteers will be responsible for their fee for admission, which is $7 per person. This fee will be charged through the Ankeny School TouchBase Online Payment system. Proof of payment is required by the district office prior to the field trip.

Classroom Volunteer

The Benefits of Classroom Volunteering - Washington Parent

Any volunteer opportunity that will benefit a specific classroom at Westwood.

Winter Party

Sign up to share your interest in attending the Winter Class Party. Five volunteers will be randomly selected for each class, in addition to the primary homeroom parent. Students will play games, crafts, and enjoy a PTO provided snack! Please join in on the fun! 

Westwood Winter Party Information


Wednesday, December 21st


K, 1st, 3rd, 4th, 5th Grades- Party 2-2:45pm (Volunteers may arrive at 1:45.)

2nd Grade- Party 12:45-1:30pm (Volunteers may arrive at 12:30.)

PLEASE NOTE! Once a volunteer has been assigned, their email will be shared with the primary homeroom parent for party planning purposes.

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