Ankeny Community School District

Prairie Ridge Middle School

General Interests

Student Social - December 1

Help supervise PR students playing yard games, listening to music from a DJ, dancing, playing in the gym, singing karaoke, eating pizza, socializing, and watching a movie.

Lunchroom Supervision

We need lunchroom monitors to help students and staff in the cafeteria during the lunch shifts.  Sign ups are available for one lunch period at a time or for the whole shift.  Wednesday schedules are different than the rest of the week due to late start days. 

Working with Students

Are you a retired teacher? An adult with some extra time? Do you enjoy working with and connecting with young people? Do you want to make a difference in a student's life? This might be where you want to volunteer!

Behind the Scenes Support

Do you have some time to give to support teachers or students in behind the scenes work? From cutting lamination to helping organize an event, there are ways to use your talents in "back of the house" type tasks.

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