BC SPCA - Salt Spring Island

Volunteer Opportunities

Animal Centre - Cat Care & Wellness Volunteer

Join our team of like-minded individuals as a Cat Care & Wellness volunteer with the BC SPCA! Work in partnership with staff and volunteers to ensure our cats' environments are clean, and their emotional & physical needs are met through daily engagement and BC SPCA-approved training techniques. We are looking for one or two people to take a Saturday and/or Sunday afternoon, and/or a Friday morning shift with a 9/9:30 a.m. start.

Animal Centre - Volunteer Team Lead

Join our team of like-minded individuals as a Volunteer Coordinator with the BC SPCA! Volunteer in partnership with staff and other volunteers to build a strong, cohesive community of people to help animals in need. Your support will help our teams maintain excellent partnerships with our essential team of volunteers!


Animal Fostering - Foster Care Volunteer

Foster Care volunteers are guardian angels to thousands of BC SPCA animals in need. Whether an animal is injured, abandoned, or underage, foster care saves lives. Many animals needing remediation or a space to stay if the shelter is full benefit from a foster home.

Community Initiatives - Community Cat Support - Field Work

If you would like an active opportunity to directly be involved with addressing cat overpopulation in your community, this position is for you. Trap-neuter-return (TNR) has proven to be the only long-term solution to humanely control feral cat populations. Your support will ensure cats in your community are healthier and not creating greater population concern.


Transportation - Animal Transport Volunteer

Join our team of like-minded individuals as a Animal Transport volunteer with the BC SPCA! Animal Transport Volunteers play a critical role in transporting both animals and supplies. Combine your passions and do both by applying to become a volunteer driver! !

Dog Handler @ Doggie Daycare

From May Long Weekend through Labour Day, the BC SPCA Salt Spring Island branch attends the Saturday Market in Centennial Park by putting on a doggy daycare service.

With dogs not being permitted in the market area, the BC SPCA service is a fenced-in area that volunteers and dogs on leashes interact and play together. 

A dog handler is someone who is experienced and comfortable taking on a leashed dog that has been pre-screened and logged in (kind of like a coat check service) by a senior volunteer or staff member. Dogs are given one-on-one attention. We try not to intake more dogs than volunteers, however, we do offer dogs who are familiar with crating a chance to be crated (until a volunteer becomes available).