Volunteer with APEGA

APEGA - Local Branches

APEGA’s 10 branches represent the association and its members in their local area. Each branch works to advance APEGA’s strategic plan by assisting with communication, outreach and professional development activities.

Branch Executive Committee Nominations

APEGA Local Branch Executive Committees are made up of professionals of varying experiences, backgrounds, and disciplines volunteering to help promote the role of engineering and geoscience in the public realm.

The executive undertakes many different initiatives to engage our members. The volunteer executives act as a bridge between APEGA, active members, and the general public. Whether it be social events, outreach events, mentorship, various regulatory volunteer positions, or legislative forums, there are many ways for each of us to contribute to the success, effectiveness, and purpose of our association.

If you've ever wanted to participate in your association, now is the opportunity!
Volunteers are needed in
All Branches


  • Attend and actively participate in Branch Executive Meetings, branch activities and events
  • Specific tasks and responsibilities will be assigned at the beginning of each term
  • Some volunteer work is required between meetings
  • Adhere to the Branch Manual and serve the needs of the association
  • Volunteers must log their own hours through Better Impact

Average Time Commitment

  • Average time commitment is approximately 10 hours per month
  • One year term